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Plumbing, Pumping January 1, 2004

MasterFormat ’04 on the Horizon

The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) has announced the most significant revision yet to its MasterFormat. The Atlanta-based organization completed major content development for the 2004 edition and has already begun working with the AEC industry to transition from the current version. CSI will soon provide electronic and paper transition materials to assist MasterFormat 95 users to...

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Plumbing, Pumping October 1, 2003

It’s Green (Bay) All the Way

Punching in these words, I'm recovering from a pummeling. My beloved Bears, for the tenth consecutive time, were defeated at home by the hated Green Bay Packers. As if this weren't punishment enough, the game was broadcast nationally on Monday Night Football, exposing a pair of civic embarrassments—the misfits who masquerade as a professional football team and the "new" Soldier Field.

By Jim Crockett, Editor-in-Chief
Plumbing, Pumping March 1, 2003

Thermal Shock-Ready Heat Pumps on Georgia’s Mind

When thermal shock rendered boilers at North Springs High School inefficient and ineffective, Joseph Clements, coordinator of utilities services for Fulton County schools in Georgia, knew it was time for a change. Low-temperature water entering the gas-fired boilers had caused sooting in the combustion chamber and serious cracks in the refractories.

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Plumbing, Pumping January 1, 2003

Water Softening Made Simple and Efficient

It's no secret that commercial, health and educational facilities all rely on boilers to provide hot water. What many occupants might not realize is that the water that comes out of their faucets is treated on-site to prevent mineral buildup in the boilers. The process of treating boiler water prior to heating has been around for decades.

By Geoff Weisenberger, Production/Web Editor
Plumbing, Pumping October 1, 2002

Need a Boiler Fix? It’s Elementary

Heating costs were mounting for the District of Columbia's school system, as were operation and maintenance problems attributed to the age and obsolescence of the district's boiler systems. Eventually, the school board realized that the problem had to be addressed, even though there wasn't enough funding to install new boilers in 13 target schools.

By Leon Vorst, Senior Mechanical Engineer Hayes, Seay, Mattern & Mattern Inc., Roanoke, Va.
Plumbing, Pumping September 1, 2001

A Growing Problem: Legionella in Water Systems

Since the discovery of a new pathogenic bacterial species in 1976, people have been seeking to blame someone, anyone, for the Legionella problems associated with plumbing and HVAC systems. Naturally, the designer of that total system is in the bullseye for the accusatory arrows. It is important for the consulting engineer to understand the problem and some of its causative aspects.

By Frank Rosa, President, Aqua Technical Services, Liverpool, N.Y.
Plumbing, Pumping July 16, 2001

SBIC Releases Guide for Sustainable Schools

To aid in the development of high-performance, sustainable school buildings that use 30 to 50 percent less energy than conventional code-compliant facilities, the Washington-D.C. based Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) has released a new guide.

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Plumbing, Pumping May 1, 2001

Pumping Up Big John

When the domestic water-supply system at The John Hancock Center in Chicago began to show its age, the new pumping/control system that was installed did more than simply restore it to its original state. The system design improved the overall performance and versatility of the water-supply system, reduced maintenance requirements, provided dual-redundancy to guarantee continued operation and a...

By Staff
Plumbing, Pumping March 1, 2001

And There’s Sludge

One of the systems revisited at the plant was the sludge-handling system, which had gone through a number of changes and evaluations. An air dryer was added in 1991 to the air supply of the double-diaphragm sludge-press feed pump. Despite the fact that it was located inside the building, the pump would oc...

By Roger Ward, P.E.
Plumbing, Pumping February 1, 2001

Radiant Heat Warms Up Manufacturing Plant

The new Bonide Chemical facility near Oriskany, N.Y., serves as proof that radiant heating can meet the most challenging heating requirements. This 150,000-square-foot building-with 2,900 cubic yards of concrete flooring and 40-foot-tall ceilings-will eventually house manufacturing, warehousing and office areas.

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