Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency April 5, 2022

WELL or LEED: Choosing the best sustainability initiative

WELL and LEED certifications might seem different, but they complement each other and can help improve a building’s sustainability for the long term.

By Hannah Moskowitz
Energy Efficiency March 23, 2022

ULI Northwest: Burnside Boardwalk project focuses on energy efficiency and solar energy production

The Burnside Boardwalk focuses on energy efficiency and solar energy production.

By Glumac
Courtesy of: Aztech Engineering
Energy Efficiency March 23, 2022

Geothermal heat-pump well innovations support building electrification

Building electrification is becoming a major tool in fighting climate change and reducing emissions and the Convection Enhanced Geothermal Heat Pump (CEGH) can be a key tool.

By Dean Azzam
Energy Efficiency March 16, 2022

Low-Impact Development: From eco-friendly trend to industry standard

Environmentally conscious construction sites have earned praise over the years as the world’s priorities have shifted to address growing climate concerns.

By Justin Landowski
Courtesy: Amara Rozgus, CFE Media & Technology
Energy Efficiency March 3, 2022

Electrifying idea for cleaner buildings

How about the all-electric home and office building?

By Dodge Construction Network
Energy Efficiency February 15, 2022

Office building sustainable design has changed

COVID, employee well-being and indoor air quality issues have all changed office buildings sustainability goals

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Courtesy: Dewberry
Energy Efficiency January 31, 2022

Enhancing resilience in coastal communities

There's an urgent need for resilience planning as well as the development of innovative green infrastructure measures to mitigate storm impacts.

By Brian Batten
Courtesy: CFE Media
Energy Efficiency January 27, 2022

Distributed energy resources and the marketplace

A new rule from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission aims to encourage greater participation by distributed energy resources in the country’s electric grid markets.

By Dodge Construction Network
​Courtesy: Clark Nexsen
Energy Efficiency January 25, 2022

Designing successful renovations for federal clients

With President Biden emphasizing the United States’ responsibility to address climate change at home and abroad, renovations need to reduce its carbon impact.

By Eliza Vaughn
Courtesy: ESD Global
Energy Efficiency January 21, 2022

Commercial real estate sustainability: 2022 outlook

In just a few short years, the term “net zero” has evolved from its birthplace in the halls of scientific academia to take its place in the spotlight of public discussions about mitigating the dangers of climate change.

By Tim Zelazny and Saagar Patel