Automation, Controls

Automation, Controls November 20, 2019

Ask an expert: Hospitals, health care facilities: Automation and controls

Health care facility designers are expected to keep pace with increasingly complex, advanced engineered systems and features

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Automation, Controls November 6, 2019

Building Energy Modeling: Present state and progress

A distressingly tiny fraction of building projects use simulation models to inform design.

By Sagar Rao, LEED AP GA
Automation, Controls November 4, 2019

Your questions answered: Division 25 Specification

Questions not answered during the Oct. 22, 2019, webcast on “Division 25 Specification: Live Software Demonstration for Integrated Systems” are answered here

By Brad Bonfiglio, Schneider Electric
Automation, Controls October 29, 2019

Video: FDD Software to Support Monitoring-based Commissioning & Building Optimization

This session explores how advanced energy and building analytics software unlocks the power of BAS data to enable monitoring-based commissioning, giving owners and energy managers the insights to improve energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and equipment longevity.

By Cx Energy
Automation, Controls October 24, 2019

Learning how to engineer colleges, universities better: Automation, controls and technology

Read about emerging trends in college and university buildings, and learn about the emerging trends impacting their design

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Otis Elevator Co. delivered and installed a custom-made glass elevator to carry visitors to the Empire State Building’s 102nd-floor observatory. Courtesy: Otis Elevator Co.
Automation, Controls October 14, 2019

Glass elevator installed for Empire State Building Observatory

Otis Elevator Co. delivered and installed a custom-made glass elevator to carry visitors to the Empire State Building’s observatory, which was recently renovated.

By Otis Elevator Co.
Automation, Controls October 4, 2019

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles: September 27-October 3

Read the best articles from the past week. 2019 Product of the Year winners, system integration in smart buildings, trends in water treatment video, new building codes in Puerto Rico, circuit protection in electrical/power systems questions answered.

By McKenzie Burns
Automation, Controls October 3, 2019

Case study: Eight steps to managing building cyberrisk

This case study documents a cyber journey and cyberrisk mitigation strategy implemented on operational technology systems in the HDR office building

By Tim Koch, PE, and David Hahn, HDR, Omaha, Nebraska
Automation, Controls October 1, 2019

Video: Leveraging Your BMS System to Identify Issues Before They are Issues

This presentation provides an overview of analytics and FDD. How they are implemented within BMS, how to use advanced analytics to predict facility issues, and how to use weather data to provide system control.

By Cx Energy
Automation, Controls September 27, 2019

Enhancing efficiency in industrial and manufacturing facilities: Automation and controls

From high-tech automation to energy-saving lighting and HVAC systems, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to warehouses and factories

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer