Automation, Controls

Automation, Controls September 8, 2022

What are the building blocks for designing smart buildings?

Julianne Laue discusses reviews data requirements in smart buildings, and how they become the building blocks of the system

By Julianne Laue, PE, LEED AP BD+C, BEMP, BEAP, Mortenson, Minneapolis
Automation, Controls August 26, 2022

Synergy between prefabrication and advanced design tools

Prefabrication and BIM have altered not only how we think about the stages of design, but also the process in which buildings are constructed by bringing a large part of the construction process into a factory environment.

By Tony Rieth
Automation, Controls August 25, 2022

How to define a smart building

Sanjyot Bhusari helps define a smart building and what that eventually means to the building owner and operator

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Automation, Controls August 11, 2022

Smart building basics

In this transcribed article, Julianne Laue gives an overview of smart buildings

By Julianne Laue, PE, LEED AP BD+C, BEMP, BEAP, Mortenson, Minneapolis
Automation, Controls August 9, 2022

Why we need more data scientists on engineering teams

Engineering teams: You need data scientists to join, and here’s why

By Microsol Resources
Automation, Controls August 3, 2022

Adding up the benefits of WiredScore and SmartScore certifications

Creating benchmarks to rate how connected and smart buildings are can have a greater impact on workplace health, safety, and comfort than simply hoping for the best.

By Mo Fahim
Automation, Controls June 14, 2022

Trends, changes in data center control system design

Several trends are pushing the control systems in data centers in different directions

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Automation, Controls May 5, 2022

Water management and water intelligence: Protecting your building’s bottom line

A properly administered water management system integrated with automated monitoring and reporting can save money and lives.

By James Dipping
Automation, Controls March 4, 2022

Achieving building comfort through proper controls, integration design

Homeowners often try to find a balance between thermal comfort and the energy cost

By Jeff Czarniecki
Automation, Controls February 24, 2022

How to manage building assets at airports

Integration of asset management systems at airports can significantly raise return on investment

By Tom Grimard and Donn McMullen