Webcast: Specifying generator set paralleling controls

Learn how to parallel generators for emergency power systems, along with their fundamental control features

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer January 14, 2022
Courtesy: CFE Media & Technology

This course provides a comprehensive overview of paralleling generators for emergency power systems and dives into the fundamental control features needed to parallel generator sets together and with the electrical grid. Traditional switchgear paralleling is reviewed and compared with the integrated paralleling controls that use distributed logic architecture to help design engineers specify a reliable paralleling system.

Learning objectives:

Review basic paralleling control functions and protection to gain a better understanding of how paralleling is accomplished.

  • Understand how generator set control functions are provided in a distributed logic architecture to improve paralleling reliability.
  • Learn about the benefits of distributed logic architecture as it relates to paralleling, system reliability and its ability to eliminate a single point of failure.
  • Obtain insights and best practices from generator paralleling examples and case studies.

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