Video: K-12 schools can be both energy efficient and comfortable

In this video conversation with Steve Mrak, he discusses how new and existing buildings can be made more sustainable and comfortable to K-12 school occupants

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer July 22, 2022
Steven V. Mrak, PE, vice president, Peter Basso Associates. Courtesy: Peter Basso Associates

When designing a K-12 school’s HVAC system, many things must be considered. Whether it’s a new building or retrofit, energy conservation, indoor air quality and ventilation come up in discussion. Bonus: Hear about how COVID-19 improved HVAC system design and ongoing usage in K-12 schools.

This video conversation about K-12 schools is with Steven V. Mrak, PE, vice president, Peter Basso Associates.

Leading the mechanical engineering teams within the K-12 school group, Mrak serves as the primary technical resource and oversees the production and completion of projects. His nearly 20 years of project experience includes HVAC system design, production of technical drawings and specifications, product research, equipment selection and layout, and project management for both new construction and renovations of K-12 school district facilities.

Mrak sits on the firm’s mechanical standards committee, helping to develop and update the company-wide standards for mechanical engineering projects. He holds memberships with ASHRAE and the Michigan School Business Officials (MSBO).