Students design low-cost electric generator

Marquette University students create an electric generator made from auto salvage parts. The generator runs off a water wheel or windmill.

By Source: BizTimes May 22, 2009

Wisconsin’s BizTimes reported that Marquette University senior engineering students recently

completed a project that required them to build an electric generator that

could run off of a water wheel or a windmill. One requirement for the project

was that all of the parts for the generator components had to come from an auto

salvage yard.


Mark Polczynski, engineering

director and head of Marquette’s Engineering Management Program, said,

“The idea was that people in underdeveloped or rural countries do not have

the money to purchase fancy generators, but they do have access to salvaged

auto parts. The student’s design can be replicated by almost anyone in the

world that has access to junked auto parts.”


By using reclaimed parts,

“the students spent around $150 creating their generator, a solar panel

that would generate nearly the same energy output would cost around $1,500,”

he said.