Split system for light applications

The split system heat pumps and TCD air conditioners support 3-phase, 230/460-V light commercial applications.

By Johnson Controls December 2, 2016

The split system from Johnson Controls support 3-phase, 230/460-V light commercial applications. The LX series system is designed with robust condenser coils constructed from copper tubing and enhanced aluminum fins for optimal heat transfer. It also has steel coil guards with extruded louvers that eliminate sharp edges and protect coils from external damage. Not only does the system have smooth edges and a swing-open electrical box, but also it has its own skid for easy hand trucking and placement on site. The 3-phase heat pumps and TCD air conditioners use R-410A refrigerant, and the cabinet exterior is powder coated with long-lasting paint for superior protection from corrosion and fading.

Johnson Controls


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