SBIC Offers Schools Guide at Half-Price to School Decision-Makers

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff July 18, 2005

In an effort to disseminate High-Performance School Buildings Resource and Strategy Guide, Second Edition to the K-12 school decision-makers for whom it was written, the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) is reducing the price of the Guide from $50 to $25 for this group only, which includes school board members, superintendents and facility managers.

The book is organized into three core sections. Section 1 provides an overview and two interrelated discussions: “What Is a High-PerformanceSchoolBuilding?” and “Why Is a High-Performance School Building Valuable?” Section 2 is the Process Guide, which provides issue-specific questions for each stage of the design process. And Section 3 contains briefs that describe each of the 17 key “Building Blocks” that, when integrated as elements of a “whole building” design, result in a high-performance building.

The second edition of the High-Performance School Buildings Resource and Strategy Guide contains a new Building Block on durability, updated Building Blocks on acoustics and safety/security, and new case studies, photographs, resources and web links.

The guide is available here .