Gaseous-fueled units receive standardized engine

The 9.0 L engine is now standard with the 100 tp 150 kW gaseous-fueled industrial configured gensets and is designed to improve turnaround times and power density.

By Generac October 7, 2014

Generac Power Systems’ 100 to 150 kW gaseous-fueled industrial configured gensets are now receiving the 9.0 L engine as standard. The 100 to 150 kW generators are direct drive, with both the engine and alternator operating at 1800 rpm. Generac’s 9.0 L engine is a turbocharged, after-cooled V8 engine designed to accommodate gaseous fuel. All 100 to 150 kW generators are factory EPA certified for stationary emergency power and SCAQMD certified. The 100 to 150 kW gaseous-fueled generators are listed to UL2200 and are available in open-set, weather-protected, and Level 1/Level 2 sound attenuated enclosures. The 9.0 L engine is designed to help improve turnaround times and power density for the gensets.

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