Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

AEI has raised the bar for data centers.

By Affiliated Engineers September 13, 2019

A global leader in cancer and infectious disease research, Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC) wanted to consolidate and centralize data center resources supporting essential computational work into an on-site facility. With Affiliated Engineers, they successfully scaled and customized the climate-leveraging strategies of large-scale commercial server farms in the region, achieving a Power Usage Effectiveness of less than 1.1 and “free cooling” during roughly 90% of operational hours annually.

Photo courtesy: Eckert and Eckert[/caption]

The data center is within the adaptive reuse of a former office building that includes life science laboratory and cryogenic sample storage spaces. With enclosed hot aisles improving operating efficiency, custom built-up, multi-fan arrays draw 100 percent outside supply air from a shade zone and below-grade areaway. Direct evaporative cooling supplements and extends the economizer cycle, and traditional chilled water coils provide backup cooling for extreme conditions.

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