Engineering e-mail address stands out

Engineers can register an e-mail account under a unique name at

By Consulting Specifying Engineer Staff August 13, 2008 has announced the launch of its newest service called Engineering Mail , an e-mail service for registered members. The service has been in prerelease testing with more than 1,000 existing members for several weeks. The company is now making the service available to all engineers, engineering students, and other members of the engineering community.

The new service provides two things that the big players such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft’s Hotmail cannot. The domain name identifies the member as belonging to the worldwide engineering community. This is particularly important to students and experienced engineers when looking for a new job, or in other instances when a professional presentation is required. The advantage over the big players is that members can find an e-mail address under his own name. This allows people with popular names, such as John Smith, to register an account without using underscores, additional characters, or even numbers.