Consulting-Specifying Engineer most-viewed content, May 2023

Read the best content in May 2023 including: 40 under 40, arc energy, air handling and more.

By Tyler Wall June 1, 2023
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology

Consulting-Specifying Engineer‘s top 10 online most-viewed content in May 2023 posted over the last three months covered 40 under 40, arc energy, air handling and more. Catch up with a link to each article below.

1. 2023 40 Under 40 winners announced

2. Arc energy reduction requirements for low-voltage equipment

The 2014 edition of the National Electrical Code created requirements for arc energy reduction for overcurrent protective devices 1,200 A or greater

3. How to design proper exhaust and air handling units in laboratories, part 3

Brandon Fortier and Jeremy Barrette answer questions about labs and research facilities

4. When and how to use codes and standards for HVAC in laboratories, part 2

Brandon Fortier and Jeremy Barrette discuss codes and standards in laboratories

5. Back to basics: Medical gas storage under NFPA 99

This covers the basics of medical gas storage and the requirements for health care spaces detailed in NFPA 99

6. How to design human-centric lighting controls

As health care projects become more patient oriented, human-centric lighting design and lighting controls are taking center stage

7. Understanding and navigating lighting standards

Michael Chow and Tony Staub discuss lighting and energy codes, standards and guidelines, focusing particularly on ASHRAE Standard 90.1 and the International Energy Conservation Code

8. Considerations for emergency generator systems

Learn about factors to consider when designing a generator for an emergency power system.

9. Why indoor air quality matters in hospitals

A properly designed and maintained HVAC system can directly affect the indoor air quality in a hospital or health care setting.

10. Lighting efficiency – More than LEDs alone

As we become more energy efficient, lighting design is a great place to start in the built environment

Author Bio: Tyler Wall is an associate editor for CFE Media and Technology