Accessories for molded-case circuit breakers

The Extended Rotary Handle (ERH) and Flange Handle Mechanism (FHM) can be used anywhere MCCBs are used.

By NOARK Electric January 26, 2017

The Extended Rotary Handle (ERH) is is UL Listed with UL Type 1/3R/12 or 4/4X and designed with a NEMA handle operating mechanism and can be used anywhere molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) are found. The rotary handle has an external handle safety feature that shows the state of the circuit breaker without opening the cabinet door. The Flange Handle Mechanism (FHM) is designed to allow the handle to be mounted anywhere on the panel or next to it. It also has a NEMA operating mechanism and mounts on the flange of an enclosure door to occupy less space inside the enclosure. has a flange handle UL Type 1/3R/12 or UL Type 4/4X with various flex shafts from 2 to 10 ft.

NOARK Electric