About the Electrical Generating Systems Association

Information about the EGSA's upcoming programs, board election results, and events.

By Electrical Generating Systems Association November 8, 2013

For almost 50 years, the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) has been on the cutting edge of generated power solutions. Providing codes and standards updates, emerging technologies, education, best practices, technician certification, and industry enrichment, we are the leading authority in the on-site power industry. 

EGSA represents more than 950 members worldwide. This number includes 750 member companies and 200 student members. We manufacture, distribute, market, sell, install, maintain, and service on-site power equipment. Our trade association is poised to help people and organizations like yours meet ever-increasing business demands for emergency power solutions, while balancing those demands with cost, safety, security, and technology.

Programs that benefit members, the industry, and you

Our EGSA Technician Certification Program is the industry benchmark that provides organizations like yours with an objective way to gauge if someone is qualified to work on your system. Making this certification a part of your business plan is a smart investment and a great benefit to generator customers. It not only demonstrates proficiency, but it also certifies that a technician has attained sufficient levels of skill, knowledge, and expertise to work on your complex, sensitive equipment. We hope you remember this when it comes time to install, maintain, and service your clients’ systems and that you specifically ask for an EGSA-Certified Technician. 

EGSA also offers a rigorous, two-tiered educational program with schools throughout the U.S. that outline the technical aspects of power generation. Explore our Basic and Advanced Power School curriculums, taught by leading industry experts (with Continuing Education Units available) to keep your skills sharp and to stay abreast of the technologies that support the power generation industry. 

Finally, we also give back to the industry with EGSA’s David I. Coren Scholarship Program. Since the program’s launch in 2002, EGSA has granted a total of 106 scholarships to students pursuing a career in power generation. The benefits of this program are immeasurable, not only increasing students’ personal knowledge and earning power, but also increasing their value to employers within our own industry. 

We actively encourage and promote the exchange of ideas and information. Please visit www.egsa.org for details of our programs and initiatives, or contact our staff at 561-750-5575.

The Electrical Generating Systems Association has announced the election of officers and three new board members for 2014. 

The 2014 EGSA Executive Board members are:

  • President: Vaughn Beasley, Ring Power Corp., St. Augustine, Fla.
  • President-elect: Ed Murphy, Power Search Inc., Hampstead, N.H.
  • Vice president: Robert Hafich, Emergency Systems Service Co., Quakertown, Pa.
  • Secretary-treasurer: Charlie Habic, Gillette Generators, Elkhart, Ind.
  • Immediate past president: Debra Laurents, Cummins Power Generation, Minneapolis, Minn.

Also elected to the Board of Directors for the 2014 to 2016 term are:

  • Bill Kaewert, Stored Energy Systems LLC (SENS), Longmont, Colo.
  • Dennis Pearson, Woodward, Fort Collins, Colo. 

The new board members will assume their offices on Jan. 1, 2014. 

The following members will remain on the Board of Directors through the coming year:

  • Katie Evans, Diesel & Gas Turbine Publications Inc., Milwaukee, Wis.
  • Steve Evans, DEIF Inc, Fort Collins, Colo.
  • Todd Lathrop, Eaton Corp., Moon Township, Pa.
  • Rick Morrison, Nixon Power Systems, Charlotte, N.C.
  • Walter Petty, Atlantic Power Solutions, Siler City, N.C.
  • Lanny Slater, GFS Corp., Weston, Fla.
  • Kyle Tingle, John Deere Power Systems, Waterloo, Iowa

Important on-site power industry events 

EGSA Power Source Pavilion

National Facilities Management & Technology Conference

Baltimore, Md.

March 4-6, 2014

Join EGSA members as they exhibit together in the country’s No. 1 conference and exposition for nonresidential building owners, facility managers, maintenance engineers, directors of sustainability, planning, operations, and management. EGSA is partnering with NFMT for the third year in a row to bring end users the Power Source Pavilion. The Power Source Pavilion and educational sessions will provide facility professionals and consulting/specifying engineers with exclusive access to on-site power solutions. For more information, contact EGSA at 561-750-5575, ext. 203, or e-mail Kim Giles at K.Giles@EGSA.org.

EGSA 2014 Spring Convention

Savannah, Ga.

March 23-25, 2014

The Annual Spring Convention features educational sessions on issues that impact today’s on-site power industry. If you are an engineer or facility manager in the Savannah area and are interested in joining us for breakfast during our convention, we would love to host you. For more information, visit www.EGSA.org/spring (after Jan. 1, 2014) or call 561-750-5575. 

EGSA 2014 Fall Technical & Marketing Conference

Mission Bay (San Diego)

Sept. 14-16, 2014

The Fall Technical and Marketing Conference is designed to focus on technical and marketing issues. EGSA invites speakers from member companies, utilities, research firms, government agencies, and others to give presentations. If you are an engineer or facility manager in the San Diego area and are interested in joining us for breakfast during our conference, we would love to host you. You will find the Exhibitor Showcase to be the ideal place for networking within the on-site power community. Registration information will be available in July 2014 at www.EGSA.org/fall or by calling 561-750-5575. 

EGSA’s On-Site Power Pavilion

POWER-GEN International 2014

Orlando, Fla.

Nov. 12-14, 2014

EGSA’s On-Site Power Pavilion—a "show within a show"—provides EGSA member firms with a unique opportunity to showcase their products within a defined area on the POWER-GEN International show floor. Grouping displays of firms that make, sell, and distribute on-site power generation equipment, products, and services, raises awareness of on-site power’s place within the larger context of the overall electrical power generation industry. For exhibit information, contact EGSA at 561-750-5575, ext. 205, or e-mail Jalane Kellough at J.Kellough@EGSA.org.

EGSA education and training opportunities

Informally known as the Rowley School, EGSA’s Electrical Generating Systems School was renamed the EGSA George Rowley School of On-Site Power Generation in 2013. The school continues to offer a rigorous two-tiered program for professionals who need to understand the basics of power generation.

EGSA’s on-site power generation schools provide the most comprehensive on-site power generation system overview. The schools now offer Continuing Education Units. For information, visit www.EGSA.org or call 561-750-5575. 

Basic School: The Basic School is a general, but technical, overview of on-site power generation equipment. It is designed for those who are working in nontechnical positions such as sales, marketing, administrative, or company management positions, and for those who have worked in the industry less than three years. The 2014 Basic School schedule will be posted on the EGSA Website when available. 

Advanced Schools: Advanced Schools offer more highly technical and in-depth coverage of on-site power generation equipment. The Advanced School is designed for those who have attended the EGSA Basic On-Site Power Generation School; those employed in engineering, project management, or service positions; and for those who have worked in the industry more than three years. The 2014 Advanced School schedule will be posted on the EGSA Website when available.