2020 40 Under 40: Tracey Jumper, CCP, 38

Corporate Director of Commissioning, EMCOR Services/Mesa Energy Systems, Las Vegas; Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, Pennsylvania State University

By Chris Vavra and Amara Rozgus May 14, 2020

Jumper is transforming the way we fix buildings and maintain performance. She is trained in the engineering, constructing, testing, maintenance and improvement of building systems. As a corporate leader, she regularly consults with building owners and facilities teams on energy system performance, resilience and operational upgrades. She has built three companies by working with facility teams in both private and public sectors, on institutional, industrial and entertainment projects across the U.S. She often works with clients to achieve high-performance requirements and fix facilities with particularly challenging performance issues. Examples include clients like NBC/Universal, Los Angeles MTA, Arizona Cardinals, Hershey, Geisinger, Bridon, Grow West and Verizon. She’s active with ASHRAE and especially the Building Commissioning Association, where she is on the International Board and lead instructor for the association’s Existing Building Commissioning training course. Jumper gives back by volunteering; one example is with disaster prep and response. She feels it’s a social responsibility for engineers, equipped with building, utility and safety know-how, to work evacuations and cleanup in their communities. Originally from the East Coast, Tracey and her partner Marc are particularly proud of having installed solar panels to power their house, much like other Southwesterners. At one time terrified of flying, she has overcome that fear and is a member of the U.S. Parachute Association. Jumper also enjoys racing and has been invited to improve fan experience at multiple “home” raceways. She likes connecting with other women to exchange the best construction and engineering female-friendly clothes, shoes and tools. Her hidden talent: fixing all sorts of things, from dishwashers to sliding doors, from restaurant toilets to washing machines. She dedicates this recognition to Tangent, the most valiant engineering sidekick that ever was.

Author Bio: Chris Vavra, Associate Editor, and Amara Rozgus, Editor-in-Chief