2020 40 Under 40: Christopher Crivello, PE, 30

Principal, RAN Fire Protection Engineering, Albany, N.Y. MS Fire Protection Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

By Chris Vavra and Amara Rozgus May 14, 2020

If you ask Crivello why he became a fire protection engineer, he will say “to save lives.” In 2017, Crivello was promoted to partner and principal at RAN Fire Protection Engineering at 28 years old. Crivello specializes in fire suppression and fire alarm design, having experience in a wide array of sectors. Within the past year alone, some of Crivello’s signature projects include a 26-story high-rise in California, an 8-story hospital in New York, a complete site wide fire protection upgrade at an industrial facility in Texas and a 30-building luxury resort in Massachusetts. Since becoming a partner, he has worked to double the size of the company. Crivello ensures he is always available for the other engineers, providing guidance and support while still allowing them to find their own answer to enhance the learning experience. He has created a reputation for himself within the industry because of his leadership, passion and dedication. In 2017, Crivello was crowned champion of the National Fire Sprinkler Association Top Tech Competition, a “Jeopardy!” style tournament to find the top fire protection designer in North America. On Oct. 28, 2016, Crivello was involved in a life-changing experience while out to dinner, when a kitchen gas leak led to an explosion, causing the building to become engulfed with fire. Using his knowledge of fire dynamics, Crivello not only managed to escape unharmed, but his actions helped save the lives of 40 people. Today, Crivello regularly teaches seminars to promote designing fire protection the right way. His message is, “The decisions we make impacts lives.” Outside of the industry, Crivello’s passions include fishing, ice hockey and sipping wine.

Author Bio: Chris Vavra, Associate Editor, and Amara Rozgus, Editor-in-Chief