2019 Product of the Year Winners

Consulting-Specifying Engineer readers have cast their votes for the 2019 Product of the Year; read about the winners.

By Amanda Pelliccione September 12, 2019

Winners of the 15th annual Consulting-Specifying Engineer Product of the Year awards include “internet of things” software, various controllers, a modular universal power supply and a backflow preventer, among other notable technologies. Each of the following winning innovations has been designed to improve quality, lengthen life cycles and increase efficiencies.

This year, companies submitted their new and improved products debuted in 2018 to be judged for this distinguished honor. Then readers whittled them down to 36 winners you’ll find here — including the 2019 Most Valuable Product winner, which received the most votes overall.

View the winners’ descriptions below and a full list of the finalists in the 2019 Consulting-Specifying Engineer Product of the Year program at www.csemag.com/poy. Entries for the 2020 program will open Dec. 2, 2019.

Most Valuable Product of 2019

Condensing boiler

The ClearFire-CE condensing boiler achieves up to 99% efficiency due to the enhanced AluFer firetube heat exchanger and dual-temperature returns. When utilized, dual-temperature returns increase condensing in a hot water boiler, raising efficiency by 6% or more compared to a traditional single-return design. The dual-return feature also offers system engineering flexibility for efficient integration into building designs. The CFC-E includes a large-water-volume pressure vessel with low pressure drop, eliminating flow restrictions and reducing system pumping energy. A low-emissions premix burner is also built into the CFC-E. The self-regulating, gas valve/venturi system, combined with electronically commutated motor variable-speed blower technology delivers linear modulation control with optimum turndown for hydronic systems. The burner automatically adjusts for combustion air density changes, resulting in a consistent fuel-air ratio performance without additional actuators and controls.



Air Movement & Humidification

Boilers & Chillers

Electrical Systems & Equipment

Equipment-Level Sensors & Controls

Fire, Life Safety, Mass Notification

HVAC Systems & Equipment

Lighting & Luminaires

Lighting Controls

Plumbing & Water Management

Power Systems

Pumps & Motors

System Software, Controls & Management Tools

Author Bio: Amanda is the Research Director and Project Manager of Awards Programs for CFE Media and its publications.