HVAC, BAS in hospitals, health care facilities

More than half of engineers who responded to the 2017 HVAC & Building Automation Systems Study make product selections for hospitals/health care facilities.

By Amanda Pelliccione, Research Director, CFE Media April 26, 2018

The Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2017 HVAC & Building Automation Systems Study indicated that 54% of engineers specify, design, or make product selections for hospitals and health care facilities—and 78% of these engineers are responsible for determining the requirements/writing specifications for these projects. Below are five HVAC and BAS findings as they relate to hospital/health care facility projects:

  1. Design value: Engineering firms are specifying $2.9 million annually, on average, in HVAC and BAS products for new and existing hospitals and health care facilities, with 28% specifying more than $5 million. The top revenue-generating systems include fans, air movement products, and air handlers.
  2. HVAC challenges: More than half of respondents agree that energy efficiency and an inadequate budget for good design are affecting the future of HVAC systems in hospitals and health care facilities.
  3. BAS challenges: The top challenge when designing BAS for hospitals and health care facilities is interoperability and complementing systems, followed by insufficient budget and cybersecurity/security concerns.
  4. Specifications: For hospitals and health care facilities, mechanical engineers are most frequently writing performance (76%) or prescriptive (75%) HVAC and controls specifications.
  5. Technologies: More than two-thirds of respondents are expecting to see increased popularity of energy recovery and dedicated outdoor air systems in future hospital and health care facility projects.

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