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High-bay lighting features an adjustable, dual-reflector system said to offer increased light output with reduced energy consumption. Inner and outer reflectors adjust independently, and units feature a self-cleaning, ventilated design. Can be specified for metal-halide, high-pressure sodium or induction light sources from 100 to 1,000 watts.


High-bay lighting features an adjustable, dual-reflector system said to offer increased light output with reduced energy consumption. Inner and outer reflectors adjust independently, and units feature a self-cleaning, ventilated design. Can be specified for metal-halide, high-pressure sodium or induction light sources from 100 to 1,000 watts. (DRS system by Stingray)

Computer-room cooling system combats the high sensible-heating loads created within rooms housing heat-generating equipment. Available in capacities of 2 to 15 tons, these compact models provide relative humidity and air conditioning for nearly any enclosure. (Satellite by Skil-Aire)

Low-water cutoff control for use with hot-water and steam boilers is a microprocessor-based, probe-type component. If fluid levels are too low, the unit turns the burner off, signaling through its external LED indicator. A model for larger boilers features external test button, delay-on-break mode and delay-on-make mode. (LWCO by Taco)

Two-way thermostatic valve permits zone control of individual rooms in radiant-floor heating installations. Using a non-electric thermostat, the valve is designed to accept typical PEX tubing connections. (Enerjee)

Clean-agent suppression system uses a Halon alternative that is a mixture of three inert, naturally-occurring gases. Designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment and control rooms, the UL-listed system can be installed either balanced or unbalanced. (Inergen 200-bar by Ansul)

Sump pumps are designed with upper and lower ball bearings, heavy-duty cast-iron vortex impeller, stainless-steel shaft and silicon-carbide seals. Available in 1/3- and 1/2-hp sizes, both models feature automatic thermal overload protection and a permanent split-capacitor motor. (SP33 and SP50 by Barnes Pump)

Power-quality meter is packaged with a web server, analyzer and controller. The unit comes preconfigured for compliance reporting, 256 samples per cycle waveform recording, system reliability display, transient detection, sag/swell analysis, 4 MB or 8 MB data logging and harmonics to the 128th. (9600 by Siemens Energy & Automation)

Voice evacuation system provides 50 watts of audio power at either 25 or 70 Vrms, and is well-suited for assisted-living facilities, hotels and dormitories. This system allows room for expansion and is compatible with any UL-listed fire-alarm control panel. (FireVac IV by Fire Control Instruments)

Power control unit permits remote computer monitoring of network power sources. Designed to monitor low-end network devices that do not draw a large amount of energy, the unit gives network managers flexibility in monitoring computer systems. (Sensaphone IMS-4000 PowerGate by Phonetics)

Submersible drainage pumps are designed with a rust- and corrosion-resistant outer casing. Built-in thermal protection allows pumps to dry out and cut off automatically if the motor becomes too hot. Modular line of 1.5- to 15-hp units uses a single standardized set of seals. (Pumpex)

Replacement rooftop unit catalog outlines the construction features, applications and performance capabilities of these fully-configurable units, which offer cooling capacities from 8 to 70 tons and airflow from 2,000 to 25,000 cfm. (RMZ catalog by Mammoth, Inc.)

T8 lamp operates at only 30 watts and features a color-rendering index of 82. These systems come with three-year light-bulb and five-year ballast warranties. (T8 Watt-Miser by GE Lighting)

Anti-static textile duct facilitates grounding by means of stainless-steel fibers woven into the polyester duct material. This advancement can help mitigate some of the safety concerns of standard textile ducts, which potentially release an electrostatic charge to nearby equipment and thus have been unsuited to rooms containing sensitive equipment or processes. (KE-Trevira by KE Fibertec)

Digital load monitor warns of overload or underload conditions on electrical motors. This unit has the capacity to calculate actual shaft power by utilizing software algorithms and discounting motor losses. By measuring this true shaft power, the monitor more effectively determines the working load exerted by the driven application, even when the motor is operating at a fraction of its capacity. (DLM by Emerson Motors)

System voice analyzer measures the voice intelligibility of emergency evacuation systems. Using two standard indexes—STI and CIS—the hand-held instrument responds to a proprietary test tone. (STI-CSI Analyzer by SimplexGrinnell)

Branch circuit monitor monitors electrical current as part of an on-site system—through ModBus RTU protocol—or accessed remotely via the Internet. Each module monitors and provides data for as many as 84 individual branch breakers. (BCMS by PDI)

Gas-fired boiler incorporates an innovative control board that modulates the boiler's firing range to match actual heating needs. The direct-vent boiler is offered in six models—three sizes for natural gas, and three for LP gas. (Pinnacle by Peerless)

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