New Products for HVAC and controls

Compressor-based AC units, secure network devices, and integrated chiller/temperature control units.


Compressor-based air conditioners are designed for applications requiring traditional air conditioners and/or higher levels of cooling output. They are available in 1,000 to 24,000 Btu/hr ratings in a wide range of configurations for indoor and outdoor use. Units can be furnished alone or in combination with a NEMA 12 (indoor), NEMA 4 or 4X (indoor/outdoor) enclosure, and are offered with vertical or horizontal mounting configurations in flush-mount or recess-mount designs. For more about air conditioning units from EIC Solutions, click here .

Secure network device connects family of controllers to the Internet, delivering remote, web-based monitoring and control of HVAC systems. It is designed to give users quick access to building data via Internet Explorer or a Pocket PC-enabled mobile device using a graphical interface. The interface provides a high-level system overview and also allows facility managers to drill down, visualize a specific piece of equipment—like an air-handling unit—gather information on its operation and make adjustments as necessary. For more about EXCEL 5000 OpenViewNet from Honeywell, click here .

Compact water-cooled integrated chiller/temperature control unit
uses a patented process that allows the set temperature to remain precise and constant. The systems work with a single set of uninsulated pipes supplying process water, without heat loss, to a unit at each machine. They offer high flow, precise temperature control and a built-in “free cooling” valve that provides automatic free cooling when ambient temperatures are lower than process setpoint. In molding applications, process parameters can be optimized to reduce the Delta T across the mold, allowing effective molding of parts and thus lowering cycle time. For more about Microgel from Frigel, click here .

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