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Sam Sciacca is an active senior member in the IEEE and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in the area of utility automation. He has more than 25 years of experience in the domestic and international electrical utility industries. Sciacca serves as the chair of two IEEE working groups that focus on cyber security for electric utilities: the Substations Working Group C1 (P1686) and the Power System Relay Committee Working Group H13 (PC37.240). Sciacca also is president of SCS Consulting.


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Manjunatha Narayana


jackie cox

Friday, 22-03-13 16:37

Not to belittle wind, or solar energy compared to nuclear, and coal, the differing requirements of grid hookups, transformer species, distribution stations, and the role political, and academic entries play in our energy infrastructure, But I see the same old problem burdening our society, the reality that human opinions become the basis for procedures and policies, when instrumentation is in existence that employs an empirical matrix where all known variables can be sorted and stored in their cycles, accessed to find direction based on the actual variables, instead of the frailty of human opinion, while endorsed with accreditation from our academic caste system, who make the assumption the data they sell to their student body enable them to make proper opinions, based on the known variables -- unfortunately is simply put -- does not happen. The best example is our current government making an opinion that wind and solar is the direction we must take in supplying energy to our nation, without the ability to perform a matrix of economic justification embedded with engineering manners of scale, we have arrived at our current energy supply state of affairs, spending untold amounts trying to make wind and solar supply our electric grid with power only shows what happens when we allow people to make their opinions into binding policies and law, that only disable our nation.

IBM's latest mainframe, a self sorting matrix, capable of creating a data base for any realm of study, that may be used to find direction based on actual variables, not human opinions, and can assist professional people in finding the right direction required to discover; new materials, processes, instrumentation that make up our infrastructure. Unfortunately, since its use would virtually force us to rewrite our job descriptions, resulting in a massive effect on academic caste system venues of study, and resulting duties in an unending change into our future. Authority realize it would disempower their authority they currently use in forcing their opinions on society, their resultant attitude not to embrace instrumentation, and in the case of Watson, mostly shun it, or channel its use into misdirection in order to retain their power, Eventually as our youth mature they will embrace instrumentation moving on into a better point in time, where economic justification and manners of scale in processes are regarded before decisions are made by authority incapable of understanding the variables surrounding their opinions which result in law and policies we are forced to follow 


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