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Sidewall sprinkler for light hazard applications relies on a “flow shaper” design that is said to be the key to coverages of 14 ft. x 26 ft. and 18 ft. x 22 ft. A recessed model is available in 135°F, 155°F and 175°F temperature ratings, while domed concealed units are offered in 135°F and 175°F.


Sidewall sprinkler for light hazard applications relies on a “flow shaper” design that is said to be the key to coverages of 14 ft. x 26 ft. and 18 ft. x 22 ft. A recessed model is available in 135°F, 155°F and 175°F temperature ratings, while domed concealed units are offered in 135°F and 175°F. (VK630 by Viking) Input #1 at

Zone valve combines a synchronous motor-style actuator with the close-off pressures and shutdown properties of a ball valve. The valve can be used in closed-loop hot water or chilled water systems and with a range of HVAC equipment like fancoils, air handlers, baseboards, radiators and radiant systems. (SBV by Taco) #2

Underfloor cable management system for power and data allows a mix of 2-ft. and 10-ft. sections and is specially designed for installation in either new or existing raised-access flooring. The solid, heavy-gauge system is self-supporting so that there is no worry about voiding the floor's warranty. (UFS by Cablofil) #3

Plug connectors are available in three connection technologies: screw, spring and IDC. The connectors plug into any DIN-mounted pluggable terminal blocks. The standard plugs (UP, SP, QP) feature the wire exit on top, while plugs with screw and spring-cage technology (UPBV, SPV) feature additional plugs with side-wire exit. (COMBI by Phoenix Contact) #4

Condensing boiler in-corporates a stainless steel, heat exchanger design to deliver 3 million BTU per hr. where needed. The model is equipped with the manufacturer's unit controller and patented air/fuel delivery system, which enables the boiler to achieve a 15:1 turndown. (BMK 3.0LN by AERCO) #5

Variable-speed drives are medium-voltage models for centrifugal chillers. This new drive is applicable on chillers up to 3,000 tons cooling at voltage levels up to 4,160 volts, and incorporates a 24 pulse-converter design with an integral phase-shifting transformer. (OptiSpeed by York) #6

Digital sensor is de-signed with the hospitality market in mind and features a large LCD display with automatic backlighting for easy viewing. Suited for use with a fan coil controller, the unit automatically changes to set-point mode when an up or down arrow button is selected, and changes back to room temperature display after 10 secs. (KMD-1162 by KMC Controls) #7

Pump tanks feature a metal air valve, multiple-head construction and positive lock-retention system. Available for both hydronic and potable water, the expansion tank is IAPMO approved, has a maximum working pressure of 150 psi and comes with a five-year limited warranty on potable tanks and a one-year limited warranty on the hydronic tanks. (ProMax by A.O. Smith) #8

Butterfly valve is cor-rosion-resistant and features a double eccentric disk design that reduces seal friction and improves seal wear characteristics. Double eccentricity also lowers the torque required to operate the valve, making for easy manual operation and use of smaller actuators at a significantly reduced cost. The valve also features a unique sealing technology. (Type 567/568 by GF Piping) #9

IP network camera is designed for video surveillance and remote monitoring applications, and features 1,280 x 960 resolution based on 1/4-in., 30 frame-per-second motion-JPEG video streaming, optical and digital zoom, variable speed pan-tilt-zoom, Power over Ethernet (PoE), an SD card slot and integrated two-way audio to allow communication with security personnel or to hear intruders. (IK-WB15A by Toshiba) #10

Solid-state LED lamps offer brilliant white (CCT 6500K) output from 45 lumens to 80 lumens. The lamps feature standard bi-pin, MR16 bases and integrated constant current drivers that can accept variable inputs from 8 volts to 16 volts, either AC or DC. Lamps are claimed to have service lives in excess of 25,000 hours. (IL-MR16 series by Infinilux) #11

Compressor/vacuum pump delivers 80-plus percent volumetric efficiency with smooth, quiet operation and is suited to use with fuel cells, natural gas boosters and pumping corrosive, radioactive or hazardous gases. The semi-hermetic scroll features a patent-pending design that completely seals the pumping section of the unit, but allows cooling of both scrolls. (Scroll compressor/vacuum pump by Air Squared) #12

Downlights feature 4.5-in. apertures and incorporate a patent-pending twist-lock socket mechanism that properly positions lamps of various lengths to ensure a consistent lamp position. Accepting one-lamp vertical CFL 13-watt, 18-watt, 26-watt and 32-watt triple tube, one-lamp vertical 13-watt and 18-watt quad tube, or one-lamp vertical 100-watt A19 incandescent lamps, models are available in open downlight and wall-wash options. (Architektur D4 by Prescolite) #13

Programmable dimmer features re-settable circuit breakers and a menu-driven LED-programming panel that allows one-button setup of digital DMX addressing functions. In addition to multi-channel DMX and Microplex dimming control, the device provides a chaser function with 16 pre-programmed patterns, including speed and output level controls for stand-alone and display lighting applications. (D4DMX by Leviton) #14

Wireless lighting controls offers touch-screen access to all functions. Capable of being used as a portable device or mounted in a standard wallbox, the touch screen is factory-configured and provides an intuitive, menu-based user interface. The unit installs in a standard 3-gang wallbox and provides 10 house scenes, 15 room scenes and individual control of 30 groups. (Miro by Wattstopper) #15

Wireless I/O device meets a variety of requirements for SCADA systems and industrial process-control applications. The unit has analog, digital, totalizer inputs and relay outputs, and is designed for direct connection with process signal, requiring no interface components in most cases. The unit communicates through its RS485 data port for wired network or an integral spread-spectrum radio. (G303 RIO by G3 Technologies) #16

Distribution device for video, data and power provides centralized UTP video, RS422/RS-S485 data and distributed camera power over a single CAT-5 or higher cable for distances up to 1,000 ft. to help simplify CCTV installations. The unit also includes eight video baluns and eight individually selectable 24/28-volt AC power outlets. (HubWay2 by Altronix) #17

Battery cabinet system is for the manufacturer's HX range of VRLA batteries. Suitable for optimizing installation of UPS systems in mission-critical applications, the cabinets are UL-1778-listed and approved for UBC seismic zone 4 installations. Cabinets are factory-prewired, with hinged door fronts and removable rear panels, and available in a range of sizes and styles. (DataSafe HX Cabinet by EnerSys) #18

Lamps and ballasts are pulse-start designed to produce wide, full-spectrum lighting over indoor or outdoor areas. With a CRI of 90-plus, the product claims an efficacy of greater than 90% lumen maintenance and more than 20,000 hours of operating life. The lamps are available in wattages from 235 to 775 and meet NEC and ANSI requirements. (Uniform Natural White by Venture) #19

Load-calculation software calculates the maximum heating and cooling loads for commercial buildings. Cooling loads can be calculated with either the “cooling load temperature difference” or the new “radiant time series” (RTS) method. The program allows for 50 zones, which can be grouped into as many as 50 air-handling systems. (by Lennox) #20

Classroom sinks combine vandal-resistant features with accessibility per ADA specs. Offered in two standard sizes, 17 in. x 25 in. and 19 in. x 31 in., the units are furnished complete with an 18-gauge stainless steel drop-in bowl, plus faucet, bubbler, drain system, cast brass P-trap, stop assembly and supply valve. Depths range from 4-1/2 in. to 6-1/2 in., and drain locations are per spec centered, rear centered, left or right rear, left or right center. (CRACF-ADA/CRAF-ADA by Just Manufacturing) #21

Thermal storage handbook incorporates evaporative cooling and ice thermal storage technical information into a single 650-page reference book. Topics include product selection guidelines, engineering considerations, cooling tower pumping and piping, materials of construction, layout guidelines and much more. (Product and application handbook by Baltimore Aircoil) #22

Tankless water heater product line has new features that simplify selection for specifiers. The line has been expanded to include 7.4-gpm direct-vent models and 5.3-gpm models, while introducing features including: EZ-Link technology, sensing burner technology, overheat film wrap and high-altitude options. (Tankless water heaters by Rheem) #23

Access control system is PC-based and supports multiple dial-up or networking sites with instantaneous reporting of alarms to its host computer, where all of the access control requirements are defined. The system supports card and fingerprint biometric technologies. Other standard features include automatic instant alarm reporting, anti-passback capability, user-defined card format, report generation and a photo badge option. (Citadel by Synergistics) #24

Outdoor area lighting for parking lots, roadways and open spaces is designed to comply with international “dark sky” standards and offer a graceful transition from ground to sky. The fixtures offer 1.2 EPA, with optics engineered to meet IES full cut-off standards. The standard horizontal lamp models, which come in all wattages, are offered with vertical lamps up to 200 watts. (Alai and Alari Plus by Juno) #25

Vacuum steam heat controller can control 12 zone valves. Modulate mode allows steam supply to respond to the building's unique demand. With reset mode, the control valve can be set based on the outdoor temperature, time of day and day of week. The outdoor reset schedule establishes the relationship between outside air and daytime and nighttime valve positions. (JC-VSH by Preferred) #26

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