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Reference Binder is a comprehensive source for commercial lighting controls and services. The guide is intended to assist users in identifying opportunities for lighting control and envisioning how systems will meet project needs. Included are new product updates, information on wallbox offerings and a commercial systems technical guide.


Reference Binder is a comprehensive source for commercial lighting controls and services. The guide is intended to assist users in identifying opportunities for lighting control and envisioning how systems will meet project needs. Included are new product updates, information on wallbox offerings and a commercial systems technical guide. (Reference binder by Lutron)

Air handling insulation products are certified for superior IAQ performance by the Greenguard Environmental Institute. Included is a wide range of duct insulation, including duct wrap, duct board and liner, as well as rigid plenum liner. The manufacturer claims to use a rigorous series of product and facility tests for independent quality assurance. (Duct insulation by Knauf)

Pipe fittings catalog is a pocket-sized reference that offers dimensional data and product specifications for PVC Schedule 40 and 80 fittings, as well as CPVC Schedule 80 fittings. Engineered to work together as a system, the featured products meet all applicable ASTM and NSF standards. (by Charlotte Pipe and Foundry)

Recessed downlight is a fire-rated fixture that provides a thermally protected housing for fire protection in commercial facilities, multifamily dwellings and other fire-rated construction. Designed for 60-min. fire-rated floor-ceiling designs, when exposed to heat, the lightweight, intumescent lining expands to form a stable insulating char. (Firedome by Capri)

Trim units are pre-assembled and pre-tested for use with fire protection equipment. Available in single- and double-interlock preaction and deluge, the units can be used with angle-style or straight-through valves. Each unit can be used on any size valve, from 1 1/2-in. to 8-in. sizes. Size-specific drain kits and the appropriate alarm pressure air supervisory switches complete the installation. (TrimPac by Viking)

Harmonic reduction technology package is an 18-pulse AC drive that is said to reduce THD common to standard 6-pulse drives. Along with minimizing electronic interference, the unit is intended to reduce heat in motors, transformers, sensors and communications devices. It is designed to meet IEEE 519-1992 requirements at the drive terminals. (HR1018 by Saftronics)

Outlet boxes feature a raised ground-screw boss, rather than a flat-tapped hole, allowing a #10-32 x 3/8-in.-long ground screw to thread into the box without interfering with the mounting surface. The units are a solution for surface mounting on concrete, wood or other flat surfaces. The UL-listed units are available in several configurations. (Groundskeeper by Appleton) RS#7 Ceiling cassette systems are a new addition to mini-split heating/cooling system product line. The new 42,000- and 36,000-BTU models incorporate a feature that enables the cassette housing to be moved downward into the room by 1 3/8 in., requiring just 9 7/8 in. of clearance, making them suitable for drop ceilings where space is limited. (42RC and 36RC by Fujitsu General America)

Outdoor air handler features a custom-modular platform and "variable dimensioning" design to give engineers flexibility for meeting IAQ, operating efficiency and cost requirements. Units can be specified from 900 to 25,000 cfm (3 to 50 sq. ft. of coil face area). Multiple fan and filter selections are available. Cabinet height and width can be specified in two-in. increments. (New Skyline by McQuay)

Low-bay HID fixtures are energy-efficient, low-glare prismatic lighting for manufacturing, retail, commercial and storage facilities. Fixtures can be mounted as low as eight ft. from the work plane. Reflector/refractor optical assembly delivers uniform wide light distribution and is enclosed with a protective high-temperature silicone rubber gasket. (NL Series by O-Z/Gedney)

GFCI duplex receptacles , including 15-amp and 20-amp commercial and hospital grade devices, meet and exceed UL 943 requirements. Additional features include extra large 50J, 250V MOV for enhanced surge immunity; back and side wire capability; and line-load reversal indication. Units also have noise filtration circuitry to prevent false tripping from EMI or RFI. (GFCI receptacles by Bryant)

Full port valve is constructed of forged brass and designed to meet all local codes and provide versatility for a variety of solder-in applications, including safe drinking water. The one-valve-fits-all size ranges from 1/2 in. to 3 in. CXC. The valve is suited to industrial and commercial use with water, oil, gas, compressed air and low-pressure steam. (Super Ball System 4 by Jomar)

Raceway system includes three new fittings: inside, outside and flat radius elbows. Fittings keep cable and wiring from bending too sharply and kinking. The new fittings are suitable for CAT5e, CAT6, fiber and coaxial cables. The 1-in. radius elbows meet standard radius requirements and offer an alternative to standard steel fittings that have no radius bend allowance. (SnapMark raceway by MSI)

Sealing system minimizes space while maximizing the number of cables that can pass through a single penetration. Up to nine pre-terminated cables can be sealed through a single 2.5-in. diameter opening. The system is certified from NEMA 4, 4X, 12 and 13, and IP 66/67. (Rox Gland M63 by Roxtec)

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