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Centrifugal fans in 11 sizes from 10 in. to 36 in. are featured in a new brochure. Variable configurations are available for exhaust or supply applications. Available airflow ranges are 500 to 29,000 cfm with static pressure to 5 in wg. (BIB by Bayley) RS #22 Zone valve substitutes two innovations in place of older technologies that were likely sources of failure.


Centrifugal fans in 11 sizes from 10 in. to 36 in. are featured in a new brochure. Variable configurations are available for exhaust or supply applications. Available airflow ranges are 500 to 29,000 cfm with static pressure to 5 in wg. (BIB by Bayley)

Zone valve substitutes two innovations in place of older technologies that were likely sources of failure. A gear-driven, capacitor-powered valve replaces traditional spring with capacitor for returning the valve to normal position. Also, the valve relies on a high-torque miniature motor instead of synchronous AC motor. (ESP from Taco)

Inlet fogging system for gas turbines is featured in a new 12-page color brochure. Used to increase the power output of gas turbines, the technology also improves the heat rate up to 5% and reduces NOx emissions by as much as 30%. (by Mee Industries)

Proximity sonar, similar to technology used for automatic faucets in public restrooms, controls access to computer accounts by sensing when a user is present at a workstation. When the user leaves the area, the machine automatically locks to protect sensitive data. When they return, the computer "wakes up" and prompts the user for a biometric sample to authenticate his or her identity. (by SafLink)

Fire-alarm control panel is one- to four-zone, suited to smaller business applications. Available with or without LCD display, the unit features an optional 2-in. x 16-in. display, and includes an on-board key pad for custom programming, password protection and a remote annunciator. (HS-2402 by Harrington Signal)

Wireless intercoms do away with the need for running audio lines, making them suitable in environments where cabling is infeasible, such as industrial environments. Intercoms operate on 120-volt AC power supplied locally to each station, with solid-state technology designed to withstand vibration. (by Atkinson Dynamics)

Glare-free luminaire is designed to illuminate the interior of tanks, vessels, mixers, pipelines and visual flow indicators. The units are approved for wet conditions use under UL 1571 and are also suited to use as specific area lighting, such as for instruments, control panels and walkways. (USL-08 Ex by L.J. Star)

T2 fluorescent strip with integral ballast provides undercabinet and cove lighting. Featuring a rigid, low profile, strips measure less than 2 in. in height and depth. These strips can be used alone or linked, with a choice of single or dual 11- or 13-watt T2 lamps. (T2 Strip by Alkco)

Web-based interface provides round-the-clock access to the facility management system. Authorized personnel can use the system in real time across local or wide area networks, or through a standard web browser. Users can manage functions such as HVAC, security and lighting. (WebClient by Andover Controls)

Hot-water baseboard is suited to light commercial applications. The unit is 9.25 in. high and features an 18-ga. cover and a high strength support bracket. Heat output is 25% higher than that of standard baseboards. (Baseline 70 by Slant/Fin)

Digital soft starters are one-fifth the size of conventional models. Accommodating motors from 3 to 60 hp, these units use DIP switches and potentiometers for set up and parameter selection, and offer an LED front panel for display of operational status. (SSW-05 by Weg)

Building automation system integrates fire, security, access control and CCTV on a single network. Client-server technology allows upward migration as new features become available and can monitor fire-alarm panels that are not part of the propriety system. The system also features an event history manager. (UniNet 2000 by Notifier)

Videographic recorder offers a 5-in. diagonal monochrome display with touch-screen technology. Optional 5.6-in. color display is also available. The monitor can display horizontal and vertical line formats, bar graphs and discrete digital indicators; also a screen for alarms and events. (LVR-10 by Love Controls)

Air-cooled screw chiller combines aerodynamic fan blades and low-rpm motors with a single-screw compressor design— a single main rotor with two gate rotors. The chiller features a solid-state starter and exceeds ASHRAE standard 90.1 by delivering an efficiency of 10.0 to 10.6 EER at full load. (GeneSys by McQuay)

Electronic descaler removes scale without maintenance or chemicals. By producing a unique modulating frequency waveform that hits the resonant frequency of calcium molecules, the system permanently removes deposits from applications such as cooling towers and boilers. Models and sizes are based on water hardness and pipe size. (ScaleBlaster by Enviro Technologies)

Modular cabinet fan provides a low-cost method of heating and air conditioning buildings such as schools, health-care facilities and commercial office space. Its low-profile housing is designed to conserve space above ceilings. These belt-driven units recirculate, recondition, supply or mix air. (MSCF by Greenheck)

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