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Air purification system is said to use a new technology that augments conventional, media-based air filtration. Known as a chemical destruction system, the design concept is flexible enough to be effective in industrial environments, such as refineries, mines, mills, and wastewater plants, as well as offices, bars, restaurants, casinos, hotels, and homes. The system is capable of removing environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and other pollutants down to levels of outside air or better, permitting HVAC systems to use more recirculated air. For more about Total Spectrum by ProMark, click here .

Portable air purification system provides up to 1,000 sq. ft. of complete air purification. Developed with the help of research performed by the Sandia Laboratory and the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the system is capable of reducing harmful pollutants including the following: allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, animal dander, pollen, mites, aerosols, VOCs, Ozone and Carbon Monoxide. For more about CX1000 from Continental Fan, click here .

Portable air-conditioning units are designed to prevent mold and mildew damage. Spot-cooling technology effectively aids in drying out and dehumidifying mold-prone areas on an ongoing basis, or in the event of a disaster when damage occurs from leaks or flooding. In the fast-drying setup, the unit uses high volume warm air to extract moisture much faster than using fans or dehumidifiers alone.For more about MovinCool from Denso , click here .

Portable air purifier for control of point-source odors and removal of VOC contaminants is a smaller, portable version of the manufacturer's advanced air purification system. Based on photocatalytic oxidation technology (PCO), the system is designed to remove noxious odors, toxic vapors and infectious organisms from the indoor environment. For more about Photox 100 from Zentox, click here .

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