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Editors Note: CSE has amended the process for retrieving additional product information. Instead of circling the corresponding number on our reader service card, please visit our Reader Service site at and enter the corresponding reader service number. Or just click on "Reader Service" at .

Duct insulation is comprised of a high-temperature blanket that is designed for use in commercial and industrial passive fire-protection applications—including kitchen-exhaust grease ducts in facilities with commercial cooking operations. Providing one- and two-hour fire ratings around ducts, the fire-protection wrap meets NFPA requirements. (FlameCheck by CertainTeed)

Airborne particulate monitor can be used as a sensor that helps run HVAC equipment when necessary—reducing energy costs without sacrificing safety. The unit provides continuous, real-time particle-concentration measurements of airborne dust and smoke. (pDR-1000AN by Thermo Anderson)

Electronic ballast operates one 57-watt lamp, or one 22-watt and one 40-watt lamp. It features a color-coded, dual-entry connector option, permitting push-in lead connection to the bottom of the ballast. (SmartMate by Advance)

Pump with pre-designed drive and baseplate handles high-viscosity and shear-sensitive materials, making it suitable for industrial applications, including waste-treatment systems. (Close Coupled BY Series Pump by Netzsch Nemo)

Communication system combines paging, employee notification, background music and emergency voice evacuation into one system. With this system, facilities can benefit from the newly-amended NFPA code that allows fire-alarm circuitry, amplifiers and speakers to be utilized for purposes other than emergencies. (Safepath 4 by Wheelock, Inc.)

Chiller system with control panel allows for easy tie-in to the system operators' personal computer for either on-site or remote monitoring. This unit integrates into the existing chilled water loop and backup condenser pump and is factory assembled, piped, wired and shipped in one piece, ready for water-piping and wiring connection. (WHR050 by McQuay)

Power meter offers built-in ethernet LAN connectivity and complete access to all voltage, current and power values through a simple display. It is best for applications requiring real-time metering data be streamed to data-collection systems via the Internet. (DMMS 350 by Electro Industries/Gauge Tech)

Dry-head fire sprinklers extend protection to freezing environments including unheated attic spaces and structural steel beams and columns. The sprinklers have a maximum working pressure of 175 psi and are available, with either standard or quick-response bulbs. Dry-type horizontal and pendent sidewall heads are also available. (V36, K8.0 and V36, K5.6 by Victaulic)

Fire-alarm annuciation device features a 1/16- to 4-watt speaker that requires half the power of a typical fire-alarm speaker. This device is UL-tested at 79.1 dB at 1/16 watt and 95.3 dB at 4 watts, and is field-selectable with a 25- or 70.7-volt voice-evacuation system. (Clear-Speak Plus by Faraday)

Security-product catalog features components from a variety of vendors in a 238-page book offering photos and dimension drawings, full specifications, agency listings and ordering information. Security and life-safety products, such as smoke detectors, carbon-monoxide alarms and CCTV products are included. (Interlogix Security & Life Safety Group)

Water-monitoring system continuously records water conditions such as functionality and temperature data in cooling towers, chiller systems and heat exchangers. It reports these parameters to a remote computer terminal, allowing for accurate accounts of water status. (Digital Dolphin by Clearwater Systems)

Open-protocol HVAC building control system combines system-level applications, network management and programming tools for open-system facility management. (Talon by Staefa Control System)

Flexible electrical conduit for computer rooms or similar applications features a flame-retardant jacket. Suited for temperature ranges from -20° to 60°C, the jacketing material is flexible PVC. Its blue color easily identifies circuitry for computer power wiring. (CBLA by Liquatite)

Compact UPS is available in rack-mounted and desktop sizes, and power ratings of 500 VA, 800 VA and 1,100 VA. Ideal for protecting rack-optimized servers, storage systems and networking equipment from power disruptions, these units pack enough power to keep a hub, switch and router up. (Pulsar Evolution by MGE UPS)

Fire-alarm control panel features 127 addressable points, offering a cost-effective solution for smaller jobs. The panel utilizes an advanced digital communication protocol, transmitted over standard wiring so no twisted pair of shielded cable is required. Features include a digital communicator; programmable zone- or point-reporting; enhanced user interface; and a 7-amp 24VDC-power supply. (IntelliKnight 5808 by Silent Knight)

Steam and hot-water boilers in sizes ranging from 6 through 25 BHP are available in forced draft gas, oil and or dual fuel-fired models. The series makes use of a tube configuration, which not only provides for a water-cooled combustion chamber, but stimulates heat transfer and higher efficiency. (DR Series by Bryan Steam LLC)

BAS workstation software provides an intuitive, powerful platform to control facility operations and monitor system status. Entire sites or multiple buildings can be controlled from a single graphical workstation. Compatable with Windows 98, 2000 and XP operating systems. (IBEX System by Alerton Technologies Inc.)

Fire-alarm system has advanced detection capabilities, providing early-warning smoke detection in hostile environments where traditional smoke detectors are not practical. Ideal for dirty or wet surroundings such as paper and lumber mills, food processing plants and packaging areas, the system has two high-performance 25-micron filters; a unique housing to help protect the detection chamber and electronics; a cycled fan operation to reduce power consumption; and an extended filter life. (Harsh by Notifier)

UTP copper cable exceeds the proposed requirements for Category 6 by incorporating a central spline that serves to provide additional physical separation between the individual twisted copper-wire pairs carried within the sheath. (Enhanced Category-6 cable by AMP Netconnect)

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