2007 Product of the Year

2007 MVP — Received most reader votes online: Dual flush toilet Ultra Flush technology uses the standard water supply to pressurize air inside a toilet tank and drive water into the bowl with accelerated force, thereby conserving the amount of water required. The dual-flush model incorporates two flush buttons: the long flush uses 1.


2007 MVP — Received most reader votes online: Dual flush toilet
Ultra Flush technology uses the standard water supply to pressurize air inside a toilet tank and drive water into the bowl with accelerated force, thereby conserving the amount of water required. The dual-flush model incorporates two flush buttons: the long flush uses 1.6 gal/flush, while the short flush uses only 1.1 gal/flush. The model qualifies as a low-consumption, high-efficiency toilet.
Gerber www.gerberonline.com

Building Automation and Controls

Gold: Lighting controls
GRAFIK Eye QS is an enhanced version of the original product designed for seamless control of lighting and shades. The system enables users to create lighting scenes and control individual lights using rounded, backlit buttons that are visible in the dark. New features include an optional column of buttons that control shades independently of the lights and an information display that makes it easier to read energy savings, lighting levels, and time clock information.
Lutron www.lutron.com
Silver: Lighting dimmer
The Miro 2000W Dimmer offers high-capacity dimming using wireless lighting control systems. Compatible with most dimmable loads, the control operates at capacities up to 2,000 W, handling large lighting loads such as chandeliers, tiers of recessed lighting, or outdoor fixtures. Previously, for large loads, customers had to separate circuits into different branches and control each branch separately. The device can be controlled by multi-location controllers dimmers.
Watt Stopper/Legrand www.wattstopper.com
Bronze: Touchscreen operator interface
HMi analog touchscreen operator interface with programmable function buttons is suited to applications such as packaging, HVAC/R, wastewater management, pumping, compressors, and material handling. It stores an entire application, including images, so later editing does not require original source files. Its picture bank feature also uploads and downloads pictures or images from HMi to a personal computer. The interface allows users to communicate with more than 20 brands of PLCs on virtually any network.
Eaton www.eatonelectrical.com


Gold: Video encoder
The VIP X1600 is a 16-channel IP video encoder for networked closed-circuit television systems using the iSCSI Internet protocol technology for RAID storage. With network port redundancy, an iSCSI storage array can be directly connected to the encoder for reliable recording and storageat the edge, eliminating the need for a network recorder. Up to 6 TB of audio and video can be recorded on a disk.
Bosch Security Systems www.boschsecurity.us


Gold: Motor circuit protector
PowerPact electronic motor circuit protectors (MCP) include two dials for the user to quickly adjust settings based on characteristics of the motor. The first dial allows full-load current adjustment across the range of the frame size, while the second dial selects the type of motor, either standard or energy-efficient. The design is intended to simplify adjustments to ensure the MCP is set to the correct in-rush characteristics of the motor in compliance with the National Electrical Code.
Schneider Electric/Square D www.us.squared.com
Silver: Access floor wiring system
The Walkerflex system for raised floor applications consists of stranded MC cables, redesigned cable connectors, large-capacity distribution boxes, and home-run cables. Cable is available in 3- to 10-wire configurations in either 10 AWG or 12 AWG, both with a standard 10-AWG neutral. In this newest generation of the system, the distribution boxes have been redesigned for a smaller footprint with larger capacity.
Wiremold/Legrand www.wiremold.com
Bronze: Medium voltage switchgear
The metal-enclosed, front accessible (MEF) switchgear is designed to reduce a project's overall cost with reduced size, portability, and integrated trip units. Its integrated breaker and structure design achieves more than 50% space savings, and front accessible design allows it to be placed against a wall. UL listed and rated for 5 kV and 15 kV, the MEF switchgear also features maintenance-free hardware that prevents loosening, a unique pull section for cabling that is only 19 in. wide, and standard drawing packages.
Eaton www.eatonelectrical.com

Fire Protection

Gold: FACP command center
The InfoAlarm command center enhances the capabilities of the manufacturer's fire alarm control panel. A multi-line large-screen panel display and soft control keys enable system users, maintenance personnel and first responders to identify location, nature and severity of an alarm event. Users can increase support by placing remote units at building entrances and other strategic locations. The device meets the new UL 864 equipment testing standard.
SimplexGrinnell www.simplexgrinnell.com
Silver: Elevator power monitor
Elevator Control Switch is an all-in-one solution that meets various NFPA and ANSI/ASME requirements
and codes associated with elevator shutdown and monitoring. The elevator disconnect can be mounted in any standard operating environment. Standard features include 30-amp to 200-amp, 600-V AC, three-phase
fused power switch; 200,000-amp RMS short-circuit current rating; and control power terminal block.
Eaton www.eaton.com
Bronze: Carbon monoxide detector
The CO1224 detector measures carbon monoxide levels using an electromechanical sensing technology. When the CO sensor reaches its end-of-life or fails, the detector sends a trouble signal to the control panel. If one detector on a loop fails, it does not inhibit operation of other detectors. When CO is detected, the device alerts building occupants by sounding and flashing a four-temp signal alarm. The 12/24-V detector will operate on most industry security or fire alarm panels.
System Sensor www.systemsensor.com


Gold: Packaged HVAC system
The Precedent 15 SEER HVAC rooftop unit is gas-electric and fully factory configurable. Hot gas reheat controls humidity levels and reduces mold problems. Stainless-steel exchangers allow the unit to condition larger amounts of outdoor air. Microelectronic controls with diagnostic and test modes reduce troubleshooting and startup time. The manufacturer claims that the units offer 15% higher energy efficiency than 13 SEER systems.
Trane www.trane.com
Gold: Energy analysis software
System Analyzer, Version 6, is a redesigned version of software that estimates building loads and performs energy and economic analyses. The program compares as many as four different HVAC system options for a specific building. It also allows the input of costs and utility rates to calculate life-cycle payback. The software's work area and built-in templates have been redesigned to make defining the building, weather conditions, and system types much faster.
Trane www.trane.com
Silver: Condensing boiler
The Benchmark 3.0 Low NOx boiler brings a small footprint to projects requiring 200,000 Btuh to 3 million Btuh. This new addition to the manufacturer's BMK product family incorporates a unit controller and patented air/fuel delivery system to achieve 15:1 turndown. Designed for hydronic heating applications, units are used individually or in multiple-unit designs. The boiler matches fluctuating loads to minimize boiler cycling and minimize boiler overshoot.
AERCO www.aerco.com


Gold: Electronic HID ballast
The e-Vision Mini 20 W is a low-profile electronic ballast for ceramic metal-halide lamps, suited to applications such as downlighting, track lighting and accent lighting. The ballast features two configurations—leads from the same or opposite sides. The manufacturer claims that these ballasts are 37% smaller than previous models, and offer 90 C maximum case temperature rating. A lamp-life detection feature safely removes power from lamps when they reach end-of-life.
Advance www.advancetransformer.com
Silver: Roller shade system
The RF Sivoia QED Roller 64 offers wireless, radio frequency-based communication as part of a lighting system that controls all of a building's natural and artificial lighting from one location. Each wireless roller shade requires three conductors—for low-voltage power and earth ground—and power to an electronic drive unit within the shade is provided by a dedicated low-voltage transformer. Each shade counts as one device in the 64-device maximum system, and occupies one of the RF dimmer/switch addresses.
Lutron www.lutron.com
Bronze: Lighting control
The Clipsal wall-mounted keypad with dynamic labeling technology gives building occupants the capability to electronically label keypad switches according to their own preferences. Connected to a lighting control network, the keypad's backlit LCD screen features four programmable buttons and a fifth that serves as a scroll button to toggle between two pages for eight lighting functions in a single keypad.
Schneider/Square D www.squaredlightingcontrol.com

Motors, Starters, Drives

Gold: Enclosed drive controller
E-Flex enclosed drive controller are designed to meet the 2003 IBC and ASCE 7 standards for seismic qualification. The controllers include a 3% line reactor to provide transient protection from surge and overvoltage, and to minimize line harmonic currents. Standard features include a circuit breaker disconnect that provides 100 kAIC short circuit withstand rating, is UL 508C listed and coordinated with NEMA ICS 7.1 standards to provide the best personnel safety under short circuit conditions.
Schneider Electric/Square D www.us.squared.com
Silver: VFD bypass assembly
Slimline variable-frequency drive (VFD) bypass assembly keeps a mission-critical facility's pumps and air handlers running when a VFD fails. The assembly allows full-speed motor operation with the VFD removed, while the two- and three-contactor designs mean it is possible to switch to bypass regardless of the VFD's condition. The lightweight, compact design saves valuable wall space. The assembly provides applications from 1.5 hp to 75 hp.
Honeywell www.honeywell.com
Bronze: Motor starter
The TeSys U-Line motor starter consists of a power base unit, control unit, communications/function modules and a variety of add-on features. The overload relay plugs into the front of the contactor, reducing the number of wire connections by half and significantly lowering installation time. The units can be integrated into any automation system with its communication and interface modules for network protocols.
Schneider/Telemecanique www.us.telemecanique.com


Gold: Dual flush toilet
Ultra Flush technology uses the standard water supply to pressurize air inside a toilet tank and drive water into the bowl with accelerated force, thereby conserving on the amount of water required. The dual-flush model incorporates two flush buttons: the long flush uses 1.6 gal/flush, while the short flush uses only 1.1 gal/flush. The model qualifies as a low-consumption, high-efficiency toilet.
Gerber www.gerberonline.com
Silver: Flush valve kit
The Smooth retrofit product converts the manufacturer's manual flush valves to electronic operation that uses adaptive sensing technology for automatic flushing. A manual override button allows the unit to work during a power failure. The electronic retrofit installs by sliding it over the handle of a manual unit and securing its clamp. The kit works for left or right handle applications on exposed manual water closets and urinals.
Sloan Valve www.sloanvalve.com

Power Generation

Gold: Diesel denerator sets
Diesel gensets for standby or prime power with ratings of 80 kW to 150 kW are U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Tier 3-certified. Three of five new models feature a six-cylinder, turbocharged air-cooled on-highway engine that has been modified with optimized air- and fuel-handling systems for high duty cycles and variable loads at constant speed found in generator applications. A modular pedestal design ensures common component interfaces.
Cummins Power Generation www.cumminspower.com
Silver : Uninterruptible power supply
The Pulsar MX UPS system is scalable from 5 kVA to 20 kVA using a modular chassis to provide IT administrators and facility managers a solution for their growing networks. Designed for 20 to 110 servers, the online double-conversion units use only 3U for their combination of power and battery sub-modules. Users can configure units as freestanding tower or rack-mounted systems.
MGE Office Protection www.mgeops.com
Bronze: Power management software
The Enterprise Power Manager software supervises all networked single- and three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems across an enterprise. The open architecture enables discovery of any system that supports the standard UPS management information base. It also detects and manages other components, such as PoE midspans, power distribution units, transfer switches, and rack monitoring systems.
APC/MGE www.mgeups.com

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