Linear diffusers that reduce noise and condensation

Invi Air July 1, 2023

Minimal and sublime, the Invi Air Linear Diffuser is a design-forward air diffuser that blends seamlessly into any ceiling or wall for a clean, modern look that complements the surrounding design. Made from an innovative composite material from sustainably-forested wood, the diffusers reduce condensation on the grille by 95% while minimizing the ambient HVAC noise compared to typical metal diffusers by up to 50%. The linear diffusers are designed trimless for an “invisible” installation on any wall or ceiling.

The biggest difference between Invi Air’s linear diffusers and traditional metal diffusers is its proven reduction of condensation and elimination of cracks. InviAir’s innovative composite material does not expand and contract like aluminum and steel linear slot diffusers. This innovative and proprietary composite material has drastically improved HVAC system performance. Unlike standard aluminum vents, which can amplify the vibration and whistle of moving air, Invi Air’s smart composite material actually absorbs sound, significantly reducing ambient noise levels. The diffusers are available with 1 or 2 slots, with a 90° or 45° opening, and each diffuser’s length and width can be customized to best fit any space.


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