FreshAir smart sensors for mold detection

FreshAir Sensor July 13, 2023

Monitoring enables corrective action before mold growth affects living conditions

For conditions in military barracks and housing

FreshAir, an industry leader in the development of sensors to detect and alert for hazardous chemicals, announces new Smart Sensors that can track conditions that allow mold to grow, as well as monitor for and detect tobacco and marijuana smoking. The system provides real time alerts to building and operations managers, enabling corrective action before mold growth, significantly improving living conditions in military barracks and housing. Using FreshAir’s devices will result in cleaner and safer military barracks and housing, as well as reduce long-term smoking-related medical costs.

FreshAir’s Wi-Fi devices provide real-time monitoring and send alerts of mold conditions and smoking incidents to clients with scientific proof, including detailed, time-stamped charts. The devices detect specific components of tobacco and marijuana smoke with patented, polymer sensor technology (PolySens), the only technology that can monitor for and specifically detect tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke.

FreshAir devices are used at hundreds of locations across the United States, including apartments, hotels, housing authorities, schools and other multi-unit, professionally managed properties. The new patented mold sensor provides an effective way for proactively monitoring spaces, enabling building operators to address conditions before mold occurs

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