Fire protection fluid to suppress clean agents

June 5, 2024

Fike Corporation, a global manufacturer and supplier of fire protection systems, has partnered with The Standard Fluids Corporation to add Fike SF 1230 Fire Protection Fluid to its ever-evolving selection of fire suppressing clean agents.

Fike SF 1230 shares the same chemical compound as 3M Novec 1230 (FK-5-1-12), the popular fire protection fluid that will be discontinued in 2025. Since 3M’s announcement of its cancellation in 2022, users of Novec 1230 have been forced to find a suitable replacement, such as FK-5-1-12 but without 3M’s comprehensive validation process of its origins.

“Fike SF 1230 fills the void left by Novec 1230 by offering the same chemical with the same level of quality and purity standards set and accepted for over 20 years,” said Amos Leap, Fike Fire Suppression Product Manager.

While the chemical compound of Fike SF 1230 is the same as FK-5-1-12, one of the biggest advantages of Fike’s new agent is the transparency of the contents of each bottle and its testing and validation process.

The Fike SF 1230 system uses the Fike Impulse Valve, a patented technology which includes a Fike Axius rupture disc to provide unimpeded agent flow out of the valve and supports longer pipe runs, small pipe diameters and greater design flexibility.

Fike SF 1230 represents Fike’s continued efforts of providing a variety of environmentally friendly fire suppression solutions to meet the unique demands of nearly any application in any industry.

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