Adaptive Airflow Application for Cleanrooms

October 24, 2023

Aircuity (, the global leader in creating healthy and sustainable buildings announced the launch of its cleanroom application that delivers adaptive airflow for cleanrooms allowing for carbon reduction, energy savings and precisely controlled IAQ.

Aircuity’s cleanroom application delivers precise multi-parameter IAQ measurement to enable adaptive airflow in cleanrooms of ISO 7 and 8. The platform dynamically adjusts air change rates based on continuously monitored particle levels. Airflow is optimized when particle levels are low and increased as levels rise to ensure compliance with ISO standards.

Cleanrooms are the most energy intensive spaces per square foot in the built environment. Aircuity’s adaptive airflow provides a better data driven approach to maintaining stringent requirements while allowing clients to address these impactful areas in their pursuit of net zero and energy independence. The company has successfully implemented their platform in other critical environments such as labs and vivaria for over 20 years proving its ability to effectively measure and maintain cleanliness requirements while also providing insightful data, if or when systems mechanical and filtration systems aren’t working as intended. The implementation of adaptive airflow in cleanrooms as either a retrofit or new construction will result in one of the most impactful energy and carbon conservation measures available.



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