22HL-50 Leak Detector Sensor

November 16, 2023

Belimo’s 22HL-50 Leak Detector Sensor is engineered to detect liquid leaks in containers, drain pans, false floors, suspended ceilings and rooms. It features a single relay contact that can be wired to alert a control system, trigger an alarm, or close a valve to halt the flow of liquid. It has easy to read green/red “traffic light” status LEDs for clear visual indication of leaks. The leak detector sensor’s adjustable feet allow it to be raised off the floor, level in all situations, and configured to detect the specified liquid level.

Encased in an IP65/NEMA 4 rated enclosure with a ½ NPT conduit connector, the leak detector sensor is a reliable and durable addition to Belimo’s Sensor and Meter product range. The 22HL-502, a dual relay version with an additional connection to the valve to interrupt water flow directly, is expected by Q1 2024.

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