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Electrical, Power November 23, 2020

Designing, retrofitting hospitals during COVID: Electrical, power and lighting

While COVID-19 has changed many aspects in a health care facility, some things remain identical. Understand how to design electrical, power and lighting systems

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Webcasts Power November 16, 2020

Critical power webcast: Low- and medium-voltage electrical systems

There are several reasons to choose one voltage level over another for electrical transmission. First, the requirements of the electrical system must be defined. Voltage is determined by the equipment requiring power. Another reason is the cost. With higher voltage comes less copper for wiring, but more money for electrical equipment.

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Electrical, Power November 20, 2020

Case study: EPSS retrofit at water treatment plant

A water treatment plant required an electrical distribution system upgrade

By Mario Vecchiarello, Jeff Donaldson and Tyler Roschen
Hospitals September 18, 2019

Houston Methodist Hospital: Walter Tower

Inserting a 21-story replacement tower without disrupting the rest of the campus.

By Affiliated Engineers
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Power October 9, 2020

Your questions answered: Microgrid design for efficiency and resiliency

The webcast on Sept. 30, 2020, left unanswered questions. Read more about microgrid design here

By Tom Drake