Power April 4, 2019

High-speed transfer switches

High speed transfer of loads between alternate sources of power, regardless of ampacity, is achieved using a reliable, field-proven solenoid operating mechanism.

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Power March 27, 2019

Storing up success: utility-scale batteries come of age

The sun doesn’t shine at night and the wind doesn’t always blow at times of peak demand. Given these well-understood limitations, renewables have traditionally been seen as unlikely to compete with gas and nuclear for base-load generation of electricity.

By Thinus Van As
Emergency, Standby, Backup
MIT researchers’ modified flash storage drives hold promise to cut in half the energy and physical space required to store and manage user data in power-hungry data centers. Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media
Emergency, Standby, Backup April 3, 2019

Researchers develop architecture to reduce data center energy and space constraints

MIT researchers have developer a flash-storage system designed to cut the energy and physical space required to store and manage data in data centers by half.

By Rob Matheson
Generation February 5, 2019

Video: Incorporating Distributed Energy Generation Projects into Whole Building Commissioning

This presentation discusses how Owner's Project Requirements and commissioning plans can be expanded to incorporate Distributed Energy Systems.

By "Thomas D. Prevish, PhD, PE; Jon McLaren, CxA
Smart Grid
Smart Grid January 3, 2019

Building smart communities and infrastructure: 5G networks and small cell implementation

With each new generation of network comes new and exciting possibilities, both in capacity and data speeds as well as the network’s integration into the latest communication technologies

By Ben Revette