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Motors and Drives March 2, 2022

Intro to setting up, tuning a PM motor with a VFD

A permanent magnet (PM) motor requires a variable frequency drive (VFD) to operate effectively. See motor comparison table, induction motor vs. PM torque curve, and VFD programming and tuning advice.

By Robert Bonczar
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Motors and Drives February 1, 2022

VFDs from the inside out

Variable frequency drive (VFD) vocabulary words: These 50 terms can help properly apply VFDs.

By Paul Avery
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Motors and Drives January 6, 2022

Growth expected for motor, industrial gear markets

Pent-up demand due to challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic are expected to result in strong growth for the motor and industrial gear markets in the next few years.

By Shirly Zhu
Courtesy: AEMT
Motors and Drives December 22, 2021

Decoding your motor’s nameplate

The most relevant information of a motor should be recorded on the nameplate, which includes frame size, voltage, power and more.

By Karl Metcalfe
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Motors and Drives November 19, 2021

Trends in the LV drives market

Market research shows three trends influencing the drives market: functional safety, predictive maintenance and efficiency regulations.

By Blake Griffin
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Motors and Drives November 2, 2021

Solid growth rate projected for the LV drives market in 2021

EMEA regions suffered the greatest drives market decline in 2020, shipping costs and supply issues continue to pose problems, and global revenues will recover to pre-pandemic levels by 2022.

By Interact Analysis
Courtesy: Interact Analysis
Motors and Drives October 28, 2021

Low-voltage drive market projected to have slow, steady recovery

Labor shortages and supply chain disruptions are all coming together to cause a much slower recovery in the low-voltage drive market according to a report by Interact Analysis.

By Blake Griffin
Motors and Drives October 5, 2021

Back to Basics Education Session: Electric Motors

Electrical engineers should understand the basics of motors and how to specify them in various applications. Learn about these basics on Day Five of Fall 2021 Virtual Training Week

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Figure 1: NEMA motors offer a wide range of enclosures such as open-drip proof (ODP) motors used in many compressor and fan applications. NEMA motors are defined in inch units and are made with the finned cast frames and rolled steel frame housings. Courtesy: ABB Motors and Mechanical
Motors and Drives September 17, 2021

Differences between NEMA and IEC electric motors

NEMA and IEC motors are similar but have different usual practices; take care when managing a facility with a mixed population

By John Malinowski
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Motors and Drives September 5, 2021

Benefits of auto-tuning VFDs

An auto-tune helps a variable frequency drive (VFD) control the motor with specific motor settings, and there are many ways to get the best results for a specific setting and situation. See five auto-tuning tips.

By Paul Avery