Commissioning April 10, 2019

PBA Chairman, Peter J. Basso, PE, FASHRAE, and Principal Randy M. Wisniewski share Experience/Thoughts on Peer Review – A Commissioning Fringe Benefit or More

Basso and Wisniewski of PBA, Suggest Input from 'Knowledgeable, Experienced Peer Reviewers'

By Peter J. Basso, PE, FASHRAE, Chairman and Randy M. Wisniewski, Director of CA/CX Services, PBA
Commissioning April 9, 2019

Designing resilient buildings

Existing building commissioning (EBCx) is a vital factor in designing resilient buildings.

By Woody Thompson, PE, CxA, CEM, REP, CBCP, CPMP, LEED AP; RS&H, San Antonio