Data Centers

Data Centers January 15, 2021

Understanding changing data center metrics

There is a better way to assess data center behavior. Novel multidimensional metrics have been incorporated in data center standards and best practices

By Moises Levy, PhD
Data Centers October 14, 2020

Designing robust technology infrastructure for enterprise data centers

There are several considerations we need to make in order to deliver an effective and safe environment for data centers.

By Robert Foley
Data Centers July 20, 2020

What ASHRAE 90.4 does for data center energy efficiency

The design and operation of data centers continues to evolve, with ASHRAE Standard 90.4 as guidance

By Bill Kosik, PE, CEM, Oak Park, Illinois
Data Centers April 21, 2020

Data centers achieve a new level of high-tech

Designing solutions for data center clients — whether hyperscale or colocation facilities — requires advanced engineering knowledge

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Data Centers April 3, 2020

Your questions answered: Can you specify CRAC systems to deliver free cooling in a data center?

In this case, yes you can. Read more questions and answers from the team that designed energy-efficient cooling in a California data center

By Eric Jensen and Dan McInnis, PE
Data Centers March 27, 2020

BB&T Bank Primary Data Center

AEI worked with BB&T Bank Primary Data Center to provide an interactive critical operations manual (COM) that integrates into the asset management system

By Affiliated Engineers
Data Centers March 16, 2020

Data centers consume less energy than thought

Research from Northwestern University offers comprehensive analysis presents a more nuanced presents of global energy use related to data centers

By Amanda Morris
Data Centers January 3, 2020

SAS Institute Inc.: Data Center Commissioning

Failure mode analysis to define thresholds of performance.

By Affiliated Engineers
Data Centers October 22, 2019

Allen Institute for Brain Science

The data center heats the labs and offices.

By Affiliated Engineers
Data Centers September 13, 2019

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

AEI has raised the bar for data centers.

By Affiliated Engineers