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Roxanne Fong


Electrical and Power June 3, 2021

Microgrids: a modern solution for America’s 100-year-old utility monopoly

Southland Industries reviews how evolving technology is revolutionizing the energy sector.

By Roxanne Fong
Sustainability September 9, 2020

How microgrids are a sustainable solution for extreme weather environments

Microgrids help make customers more resilient before, during, and after the wildfire season and can help optimize assets and reduce power interruptions.

By Roxanne Fong
Energy Efficiency July 29, 2020

Evaluating energy efficiency projects during a pandemic

Energy projects should be considered during tough times because it's actually an ideal time to reduce expenses without hurting the overall bottom line.

By Roxanne Fong
Electrical and Power June 11, 2020

Developing power in the new energy ecosystem

As the energy industry transitions into a new normal, utilities can employ the lessons learned to grow and diversify the company and remain competitive.

By Roxanne Fong