Workforce Development June 8, 2021

Career advice for students and recent grads

Professionals from Page frequently participate in career fairs, teach college courses and mentor recent graduates. These three leaders have some advice to share:

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Sustainability December 16, 2019

A District Built For Health

The Dell Medical School (DMS) District is one of the few districts recognized by Sustainable SITES Initiative.

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Healthcare Facilities June 26, 2019

Healthcare Facility Trends To Watch Today

In an environment where the rules will keep changing and reimbursement shows no signs of settling down, how can good facility design help health care systems and providers succeed?

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Energy Efficiency May 6, 2019

Faster building performance analysis helps architects meet AIA 2030 goals

Autodesk reached out to develop a case study about Page's experience, which also allows the firm - and others in the industry - to easily assess progress against the AIA 2030 Commitment from the earliest stages of the design process.

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Energy, Power February 28, 2017

Solar design strategies: passive versus active

This article compares passive versus active solar design strategies and explores the differences between the various types of solar panels.

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Energy, Power February 27, 2017

Five tips to finance green building

More efficient architectural, mechanical and electrical systems generally have a premium construction cost, but they are proven to have a short-term payback—when studied and designed holistically.

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