HVAC/R and Mechanical October 1, 2019

HCD-221 isolation control camper by Greenheck

HCD-221 features a blade seal mechanically fastened to the blade that is field replaceable and available with parallel or opposed blade action.

By Greenheck
HVAC/R and Mechanical May 1, 2019

EM-30 backdraft damper by Greenheck

The EM-30 is a vertical-mount horizontal airflow backdraft damper for pressures up to 10 inches water gauge and velocities up to 3,500 feet per minute.

By Greenheck
HVAC/R and Mechanical January 1, 2019

Automatic balancing dampers by Greenheck

The ABD can be installed directly into round duct work without the need for any fasteners or use of any adhesive.

By Greenheck
HVAC/R and Mechanical June 23, 2017

Rooftop ventilation line

Greenheck introduces energy-efficient rooftop ventilation line.

By Greenheck
Energy, Power June 22, 2017

Aluminum smoke damper

Greenheck's Model SMD-401EF smoke damper features an extruded aluminum frame and airfoil blades.

By Greenheck
Motors and Drives April 26, 2017

Laboratory exhaust fan line

Greenheck’s Vektor line of laboratory exhaust systems now offers a direct drive arrangement.

By Greenheck
Boilers, Chillers April 13, 2017

Exhaust fan, stack assembly

The FumeJet pre-engineered exhaust fan with integral stacks is designed to safely remove and disperse fumes and odors.

By Greenheck
Boilers, Chillers January 17, 2017

Free application suite for engineers

The eCAPS Engineer Application Suite from Greenheck has expanded to include fans and louvers.

By Greenheck
Boilers, Chillers October 18, 2016

Auto scrubber self-cleaning hood system

Greenheck’s GWAE self-cleaning auto scrubber hood system cleans both sides of the filters in place along with the inside of the exhaust plenum.

By Greenheck
Boilers, Chillers September 7, 2016

Dual module louver against water penetration

Model EVH-901 dual module louver provides for high volume intake and exhaust ventilation and protects against water penetration under the severe wind-driven rain conditions.

By Greenheck
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HVAC/R and Mechanical September 25, 2023

BAER Belt Drive Sidewall Propeller Fan Line

Greenheck has expanded its BAER belt drive sidewall propeller fan line to include supply airflow configurations and expanded sizes. Model BAER is now available in supply and exhaust configurations with propeller diameters from 24- to 48-in. and performance capabilities from 300 to 54,000 cfm or up to 3.3 in.

Air Quality August 21, 2023

Fan filter diffuser line

Greenheck fan filter diffusers are unidirectional diffusers with integrated EC motors and high-efficiency filters that provide ultra-clean air necessary in critical applications or retrofit applications where additional power is needed to overcome filter pressure drop. Ceiling-mounted, inline and portable models are available. Model HLC-FPS is a self-contained fan filter supply diffuser with industry-leading airflow rates up to 1200 cfm to meet USP 797 and 800 air change requirements. The HLC-FPS connects directly to system ductwork and is simple to install in a ceiling grid or hard ceiling. Model HLC-FPR is a ceiling or wall-mounted fan filter return diffuser that creates a negative pressure environment drawing air up and out of a room, removing airborne contaminants via the unit’s gel-seal high-efficiency filter and discharging clean air. Model HLC-FPI is a ducted inline fan filter unit designed to continuously filter the air passing through the unit and remove a wide range of airborne contaminants, making it ideal for schools, office buildings and other commercial indoor environments. Model HLC-FPC is a fan filter mobile cart available in both recirculation and return/exhaust configurations that can act as an in-room air purification device. Greenheck fan filter diffusers provide quiet, energy-efficient operation and can be specified with HEPA or ULPA filters or supplementary MERV-rated pre-filters depending upon the application.

HVAC/R and Mechanical July 17, 2023

XG-TH-500 Series Air Terminal Units

Greenheck’s XG-TH-500 Series Air Terminal Units (ATU) are zone-level air distribution devices that regulate airflow for maximum occupant comfort in variable or constant volume applications. The single-duct XG-TH-500 features a galvanized steel casing mechanically sealed for low leakage construction along with a round inlet damper, an inlet flow sensor, and a rectangular outlet. Cooling only, hot water coil, and electric heat configurations can be specified.

HVAC/R and Mechanical June 19, 2023

KSQ Mixed Flow Untempered Roof Supply Fan

Greenheck’s new KSQ mixed flow roof supply fan provides energy-efficient building supply or untempered make-up air in applications where heating and cooling are not required. Model KSQ is available in direct drive sizes 7 through 33 with performance up to 16,750 cfm and 2.75 in. wg in multiple configurations including horizontal or bottom intake and horizontal or bottom discharge.

HVAC/R and Mechanical May 30, 2023

USF Centrifugal Utility Sets

Greenheck has redesigned model USF single-width centrifugal utility sets in sizes 4 to 24 to incorporate more features and options. The USF now offers expanded direct drive selections with Vari-Green motors up to 10 hp. Factory-mounted or ship-loose controls with VFDs are now available with belt or direct drive motor configurations up to 30 hp.

HVAC/R and Mechanical May 8, 2023

BTDR-50 Bowtie Damper

Greenheck's BTDR-50 is a cable-operated radial blade balancing damper, also known as a bowtie damper, that is designed for easy airflow adjustment at an air outlet or plenum neck. The BTDR-50 is available in steel in 6-, 8-, 10-, 12- and 15-in. diameters, with pressure capacity up to 1 in.

HVAC/R and Mechanical April 17, 2023

Model MOA Modular Open Array

Greenheck’s new Modular Open Array, model MOA, provides a turnkey retrofit package that delivers certified performance, communication, and controllability. The MOA configurable fan array features lightweight, easy-to-assemble components that ship to the job site knocked down for field installation. UL power and controls packages are available and array panels arrive prewired for quick and easy installation saving time at the jobsite.

HVAC/R and Mechanical March 27, 2023

DDF Directional Destratification Fan

Greenheck’s extensive product line continues to grow with the addition of model DDF, a directional destratification fan that improves comfort and reduces energy costs by efficiently mixing air from floor to ceiling for uniform temperature distribution. The high-performance direct drive model DDF is available in three sizes and performance levels: a 10-inch diameter for ceilings up to 25 feet, a 12-inch diameter for ceilings up to 45 feet, and a 14-inch diameter for ceilings up to 60 feet. Model DDF features an aerodynamically optimized housing for maximum airflow, throw distance, and coverage area and includes Greenheck’s Vari-Green electronically commutated (EC) motor and controls technology for maximum efficiency and controllability.

HVAC/R and Mechanical February 20, 2023

AMPLIFY DM-3 Overhead Fan

The AMPLIFY DM-3 is a small-diameter architectural overhead fan that boosts occupant comfort while enhancing the interior design of commercial and institutional building spaces. Featuring curved polymer airfoils designed to maximize airflow, improve efficiency, and optimize coverage area, the DM-3 is available in a 5-foot diameter with airflow up to 7,113 cfm and cooling effect up to 7oF/4oC. The DM-3’s lightweight, direct drive motor is up to 20% more efficient and 10 dBA quieter than traditional motors.

HVAC/R and Mechanical January 30, 2023

Healthcare, Laboratory and Cleanroom Air Distribution Products

Greenheck’s new line of healthcare, laboratory, and cleanroom (HLC) air distribution products are designed, engineered, and tested to meet or exceed today’s critical environment standards for performance and energy efficiency. This product line includes Laminar Flow Diffusers, Radial Flow Diffusers, and Surgical Air Curtains. Laminar flow diffusers are engineered to provide a vertical projection of low-velocity supply air, introducing clean supply air without the entrainment of airborne particulate in the space due to its low velocity. These diffusers play a critical role in maintaining an aseptic environment below the diffusers in operating rooms, patient isolation rooms, pharmacies, and cleanrooms. Radial flow diffusers provide an effective method of air distribution in laboratory and patient isolation room applications where a high volume of air is required.

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