Video: Trends in chillers and chilled water systems with Dennis Sczomak

Peter Basso Associates’ Dennis Sczomak takes a look at chillers and chilled water systems, and how integrating then with other HVAC elements plays a role

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer February 1, 2022
Dennis Sczomak, PE, LEED AP, Peter Basso Associates

Integrating a chilled water system with other aspects of the HVAC system is key, says Dennis Sczomak. In this video, he discusses integration, net zero systems and trends.

Dennis Sczomak, PE, LEED AP, is a vice president and leads Peter Basso Associates’ technical staff as director of engineering, driving a culture of quality, innovation and design excellence throughout its engineering teams, as well as fostering technical proficiency of engineering team members. Sczomak oversees the development and maintenance of design standards and standard processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of engineering operations. Sczomak has 35 years of experience that includes HVAC, plumbing and fire protection design; heating and cooling plant evaluation and design; cogeneration system feasibility investigations and studies; and detailed energy conservation studies using computerized energy analysis. He has been involved in projects for a variety of facility types across many market sectors.