Video: Real examples from integrated systems testing and other imperial Cx podcasts

A look at real-world examples from numerous commissioning projects, with an emphasis on issues found during integrated systems testing.

By CxEnergy and the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG) August 30, 2023

Learning objectives

  • Understand what integrated systems testing is and why it is an important part of the commissioning process.
  • Know what a black-site test is, and why it is an important test for any new building.
  • Apply lessons learned from our projects case study examples on their next commissioning project.
  • Understand why the original Star War trilogy is the best of the Star Wars saga.

Video courtesy: CxEnergy

Presenter: Mark Gelfo

Why were there no EPO buttons on the garbage smashers on the Death Star? The Empire didn’t do integrated systems testing!

This session will be a fun and somewhat terrifying look at numerous real-world examples of “deficiencies” found from numerous commissioning projects, with an emphasis on issues found during Integrated Systems Testing. Every picture has a story and a lesson learned…even if we weren’t looking for it when we found it.

What is integrated system testing (IST)? Simply put, it is the testing of all building systems together under multiple building conditions and event possibilities, including loss of power, fire alarm, storm events and Rebel Alliance attacks. When we perform IST, we always find issues we weren’t looking for, and we will share some of those examples with you during this session.

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