Video: How do rural hospitals differ from urban ones?

Jose Torres from RMF Engineering looks at how engineers designing rural hospitals must get full buy-in from the maintenance staff when specifying new equipment or upgrading older systems

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer June 30, 2022
Jose I. Torres, PE, Associate, RMF Engineering, Raleigh, North Carolina. Courtesy: RMF Engineering

In this discussion, Jose I. Torres, PE, Associate, RMF Engineering, Raleigh, North Carolina, talks about rural hospitals, and how they often differ from hospitals in larger cities. From HVAC systems to electrical system upgrades, the consulting engineer often has to consider the facilities team and overall operations and maintenance, in addition to meeting codes and standards.

Torres is an associate with RMF Engineering. Since joining RMF in 2001, Torres’s career has gravitated toward providing consulting for the health care industry. He has developed a passion for designing state-of-the-art facilities positioned to deliver the best patient experience and outcomes. Torres has successfully led design teams for significant, award-winning health care projects. With a passion for technical excellence in design, he focuses on continually growing his team to provide smarter consulting and solutions to the difficult challenges his clients must overcome.