Video: Electrification, decarbonization in hospitals

Two experts from Henderson Engineers explain how hospitals are setting trends in building electrification

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer April 29, 2022
Courtesy: CFE Media

When it comes to hospitals, Josh Smith, PE, and Jon Flann, PE, LEED AP, from Henderson Engineers know their stuff. In this conversation with the two subject matter experts, decarbonization and building electrification are front and center for many of their hospital projects. They’re also focused on indoor air quality, COVID-19 and far-reaching topics like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Josh Smith is a mechanical engineer at Henderson Engineers. As part of the firm’s health sector, he designs building systems, prepares design documents and helps coordinate tasks and procedures on health care facility projects.

Jon Flann has more than a decade of experience undertaking mechanical systems design projects for health care facilities including master planning, new construction, remodels and redesigns. As a health sector practice manager and principal at Henderson Engineers, he oversees up-and-coming designers, manages production systems, standards and processes, and helps spearhead business development, innovation and sustainability initiatives.


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