Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer content, February 2-8, 2024

Top 5 CSE articles this week covered topics including indoor air quality, standby power and ASHRAE 62.1

By Anna Steingruber February 9, 2024

1. Sponsored content: Achieving indoor air quality in buildings

In this video conversation, Daikin Applied’s Zachary Everett looks at how engineers can achieve indoor air quality (IAQ) goals

2. Do you know the vital requirements for standby power?

The ability to provide power to a building or load when utility power is lost can be a critical need for a facility to support vital operations or building and occupant safety

3. Use ASHRAE 62.1 to enhance design of ventilation systems

Mechanical engineers should understand ASHRAE Standard 62.1 and how to apply it

4. Dive into the details of the latest engineering salary survey

Respondents to the 2022 salary study were paid better and mostly satisfied with their jobs

5. 2023 NFPA 20 Report Analysis: Insights for fire protection

In 2023, Consulting-Specifying Engineer did a study to update you on NFPA 20

Author Bio: Associate editor, CFE Media and Technology