Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer content, December 1-7, 2023

Top CSE articles this week covered topics including low-voltage power conductors, air handling redundancy and plumbing system design

By Anna Steingruber December 8, 2023

1. Back to basics: Sizing low-voltage power conductors for a lift station

Electrical engineers must learn to size electrical conductors appropriately per the NEC

2. How to successfully design for cost-effective air handling redundancy

Redundant or standby air handling units, which include cooling and dehumidification, are highly beneficial

3. Back to basics: How to design medium-voltage distribution systems

When designing a medium-voltage electrical distribution system, the end user’s safety, system reliability and equipment maintainability are key components for the designer to consider

4. Three ways to advance your plumbing system design

Innovative advancements in the plumbing industry have included high-efficiency equipment and digital systems

5. Video: Commissioning HVAC systems for sustainable indoor air quality

A framework for commissioning HVAC systems for sustainable IAQ, guidance and integrating emerging approaches and technologies with traditional commissioning services, customer case studies illustrating best practices and ROI

Author Bio: Associate editor, CFE Media and Technology