Sponsored video: Switchgear or switchboards?

Which electrical option is more appropriate?

By Consulting-Specifying Engineer September 30, 2022
Hassan Obeid, Cummins Power Generation

Switchgear and switchboard insights

  • Distribution boards are frequently specified and the electrical engineer needs to distinguish between the need for switchgear or switchboards.
  • Hassan Obeid reviews the confusion between the two, including UL and IEEE designations.

What’s the difference between switchboards and switchgear? In this conversation, learn about distribution boards and their applications. This looks at codes and standards, breakers and trip response, selective coordination, specifications and a host of other details.

This conversation covers:

  • Definitions
  • Breakers
  • Selective coordination
  • Specifications
  • Applications

Hassan Obeid is a Senior Global Technical Advisor – Energy Management Solutions at Cummins Power Generation, where he focuses on technical vision, business strategy and solving a wide range of complex problems. Obeid has been with Cummins since 2007 in a variety of roles: power systems design engineering, project engineering and applications engineering. Obeid has designed power systems involving switchgear, controls, paralleling, transfer switches, generator sets, microgrid systems and digital solutions.

Obeid has spoken on many different topics, such as:

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