Rooftop ventilation system

15- to 30-ton Atherion ventilation systems by Modine
March 22, 2012

Modine has introduced its new 15- to 30-ton Atherion commercial packaged ventilation system. All units are designed to meet ASHRAE 189.1 and 62.1 standards for efficiency and indoor air quality and feature optional high-efficiency gas heating. The Atherion has been engineered inside and out for ease of installation and maintenance, energy efficiency, and durability to provide the market with a state-of-the-art, fresh-air solution for dehumidification and ventilation needs. The rooftop unit brings fresh, tempered outside air into a facility regardless of geographic location. The Atherion provides circulation and tempered air to make a dramatic difference inside a classroom, office, or commercial/industrial setting. Additionally, the advanced energy recovery module option makes the Atherion a high-efficiency, 100% dedicated outside air unit. 

Modine Manufacturing Co.