Reclaimed water chilling Microsoft data center

Treated wastewater is cooling a Microsoft data center in Washington state; Yahoo and Intuit data centers may be next.

By Source: Doug Flanagan, Quincy Valley Post-Register July 22, 2009

Microsoft ‘s data center in Quincy, Wash. has started receiving treated wastewater and is using it for cooling, according to a report in the Quincy Valley Post-Register . Proposed plans will send the water to nearby Yahoo and Intuit data centers as well, before it is routed back to the municipal plant for recycling.

This completes the first phase of a three-phase water reclamation project, where the Quincy Water Recycling Facility has taken treated wastewater from the domestic water treatment plant and sent it through a new pipeline to the Microsoft data center. The water is currently flowing into percolation ponds for infiltration.

A proposed second phase would send the treated water to the Yahoo and Intuit data centers-as well as data centers proposed by Sabey and Base Partners if they come on line-and then back to the municipal plant for recycling. The proposed third phase would take water from the industrial wastewater plant, which is used to treat water from food processing plants, to a demineralization plant at the Microsoft data center and then send the water to other local data centers before it is diverted back to the industrial facility.