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The latest in building-system components from our September 2001 issue.
By Staff September 1, 2001

Plate-and-frame heat exchangers provide more efficient and cost-effective heat transfer than shell-and-tube and other traditional types of heat exchangers. With three times higher “U” values, the equipment’s turbulent-flow design results in lower fouling. (Superchanger by Tranter PHE, Inc.)

Integrated life-safety platform offers emergency voice communication; a remote system annunciator; lighting and HVAC setback control; and security and access control. When specified for larger facilities, color graphic annunciators and CCTV are also available. (EST3 by Edwards Systems Technology)

Control switch automatically turns the lights on and off when people enter or exit a room. Switch can also be set to keep lights off when sufficient natural light is available. The unit’s miniature size allows it to fit flush into most designer-style wall plates. (SuperSwitch Mini by Novitas)

Flow-captor “metering flow switch” is part of a solid-state, flow-monitoring device with no moving parts. The LED display shows flow rate as a percentage of range (adjustable from 20 cm/s to 3 m/s) and a flashing LED indicates the set point (also field adjustable). Range adjustment label also enables GPM flow-rate calculation. (Model 4120 by Weber).

Generator sets offer a wide range of power outputs, making them ideal for small- to medium-sized facilities. The natural-gas-fueled generator sets range from 10- to 1,000-kW. Diesel-fueled units produce energy in the full 8- to 2,000-kW range. (SG and SD series by Generac Power Systems)

Luminaires provide high luminous efficacy, light quality and system life for low-bay applications where frequent maintenance is not possible. The light is rated for 100,000 hours, or 25 years, based on 4,000 burning hours per year, offering savings in direct maintenance costs, as well as indirect costs such as system downtime. (LLQ Luminaire by Day-Bright Lighting)

Fabric duct-ventilation system provides low-velocity conditioned air for rooms where high comfort levels are required. Air permeates through the fabric, ventilating the room along the entire length of the duct. (KE-Interior System by KE Fibertec)

Fluoride analyzer is ideal for precise management of drinking water. This compact, self-contained analyzer offers ultra-low reagent consumption combined with an ability to calibrate automatically, which enables it to run unattended for 30 days. (CA610 by Hach)

Chillers range in capacities from 80 to 450 tons and feature higher efficiencies than conventional chillers. With series flow-control options, these chillers are suited for large tonnage multiple chiller configurations. Units utilize 06N twin-screw compressors. (Ecologic chillers by Carrier)

Remote process actuation and control system offers a combination of ON/OFF or continuous valve functionality, electric input and output and fieldbus connectivity all in a single “rail mount” assembly, with a modular design. (AirLINE by Burkert)

Intelligent zone sensor displays room and outdoor-air temperatures and enables the viewer to change the current room setpoint within pre-established limits. (BACtalk Microset by Alerton Technologies)

Smoke alarm is offered as single- or multiple-station photoelectric unit and can be wired with up to 12 units for tandem operation. Units house a field-replaceable optical chamber for quick and easy maintenance. (ESL 320A/350 Series by Sentrol)

Modular outdoor system supplies 100% outdoor air to any type of facility, dehumidifing all of the air and using as little as one-third of the energy required by other conventional systems. Units employ heating coils, heat pipes, total energy-recovery wheels, cooling coils and refrigeration. (MOACS units by Des Champs Laboratories Inc.)