New Products & Literature – 2001-04-01

The latest in building-system componentry from the pages of our April issue.

By Staff April 1, 2001

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Automation & Controls | Communications | Electrical
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Automation & Controls

Digital interval timer overrides low-voltage HVAC and lighting systems at a user-defined interval. Providing settings ranging from 5 minutes to 12 hours, this unit accepts an input of 24 VAC/VDC with no minimum load requirement. (SSA100R-24 by Tork) Circle 18


Structured cabling system doubles the bandwidth of the proposed category-6 standard, tested to perform at up to 400 MHz. Consisting of jacks, patch panels and patch cords, this system offers backward compatibility and can be used with category-5 and -5e systems. (GigaBand by HellermanTyton) Circle 2

Fiber-optic switch has a multimode duplex-fiber connector interface on the A, B and common ports, connecting a workstation or device between two other devices or networks. The internal circuitry ensures isolation between the A and B devices/networks, making it a good solution for fallback network applications. (Model 4184 by Electro Standards Laboratories) Circle 9

Wireless web portal offers news, product information, cost estimating tools and a national code database—all available over cell phones and other WAP-enabled devices. ( Circle 15


Soft-start motor controls are available with output ratings of 9 through 900 A for motors from 3 to 700 hp and feature a 32-character display keypad. With this device, an operator can enter parameters on the keypad and the control software automatically sets to the application. (Digital Soft Start by Baldor) Circle 3

Flexible electrical conduit offers EMI/RFI shielding for traditional wiring in communications, radar and data-transmission applications. Available in three sizes, this waterproof conduit offers shielding effectiveness ranging from 126dB at 1MHz to 120 dB at 1 GHz. (Liqualite by Electri-Flex) Circle 5

AC drive is a fully-enclosed, wall-mounted unit that is specifically designed for HVAC applications. This unit also features communications options that allow connectivity with a number of BAS protocols. (Econo-Flex by Schneider Electric) Circle 13

Fire Safety & Security

Access-control program is a software package that is designed to run on Windows. This integrated program allows users to monitor access control and security, and offers interactive graphics and photo badging. (Velocity by Hirsch Electronics) Circle 4

Flow-switch tester is a self-contained system that recirculates water within a fire-sprinkler system, ensuring that the flow switch is operating properly. This device facilitates compliance to NFPA 25 requirements for quarterly flow-switch testing. (Zonecheck by System Sensor) Circle 8

Pendant sprinklers have a K-factor of 17 and utilize low-pressure operation that reduces the amount of necessary branch lines and fire pumps. These early-suppression, fast-response sprinklers are specifically designed for warehouse and storage facilities. (K17 ESFR by Central Sprinkler) Circle 11

Fixed dome camera incorporates a high-resolution color CCD camera into its 4.5-in. dome. Ideal for installation in schools, it offers 3.5- to 8-mm focal lengths for optimum coverage of the area under surveillance. (Elmo) Circle 14


Air-cooled chiller features an all-in-one hydronic package design, with the pump, tank and piping built into the unit. This low-profile chiller measures 52-in. in height. (Aquasnap by Carrier) Circle 7

Condensing units have been redesigned to provide up to 40 percent more free-air area than previous models. These low-power units are offered in a range of 3 to 15 hp, and feature an industrial-grade grill that increases airflow and improves performance at high ambient temperatures. (Condensing Unit by Heatcraft, Inc.) Circle 10

Desiccant dehumidifier is designed with reduced components for cost-efficiency in supermarket, hospital, school and hotel applications. Ranging in size from 4,500 to 36,000 cfm, the system has fewer than ten double-wall panels, as compared to older units that may have as many as 100 panels. (MDS 21 by Munters) Circle 17


Luminaire utilizes up to six 42-watt lamps for energy efficiency and instant-on capability. An induction-lamp model features electrodeless technology. The high-intensity discharge model accepts vertical-mount high-pressure sodium or metal-halide lamps and a 15-in. diameter prismatic acrylic refractor for low-brightness illumination. (Eclipse Lighting Inc.) Circle 20

Wallpacks with glare shields are designed to eliminate both light trespass and night-sky pollution. They are available in 35-, 50-, 70- and 100-watt high-pressure sodium; 50-, 70- and 100-watt metal halide or 42-watt compact fluorescent. (RAB Electric) Circle 21

Scene controller , used in conjunction with either architectural scene dimmers and fan-speed controls or scene-capable dimmers, provides up to six separate scenes within a room or group of rooms. Device also provides an off button and arrow-shaped buttons for group dimming and brightness control. A green LED display indicates which scene is active. (Leviton) Circle 22

Integral-ballast fixtures for both T5 and T8 linear fluorescent lamps in 120 or 277 volts can be adjusted to varied spaces and are made for a side-by-side, staggered layout. The T5 comes with a high-output ballast option, while the T8 fixture is available with a high-output emergency or dimming ballast. (Bartco Lighting) Circle 23

Decorative downlighting offers downlight trims with 21 customizing options for recessed ceiling fixtures, suiting a range of hospitality, retail, restaurant, museum and office environments. These standard recessed housings with 6-in. apertures accommodate high-intensity-discharge, triple compact-fluorescent and incandescent lamps for maximum versatility. (Prescolite) Circle 24

Fluorescent emergency fixture offers high light output and compliance with safety codes for fire-rated ceilings. Commercial-quality, compact fixtures and photometrically contoured reflectors provide 40 percent more light than traditional flat-top reflectors. (Progress Lighting) Circle 25

T8 lamps pass the federal Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure test with less than 0.2 mg mercury per liter. The linear 4-ft. lamps are compatible with several high-frequency electronic ballasts, and are available in 3000K, 3500K and 4100K. (Osram Sylvania) Circle 26


Magnetic-drive pumps are specifically designed to handle difficult fluids such as corrosives, pollutants, ultrapure liquids and toxics. This seamless pump can handle flows up to 1,500 gpm at 2,900 rpm and 1,760 gpm at 3,500 rpm. (Model ICM by Goulds Pumps) Circle 1

Washfountain is constructed from a new, damage-resistant composite material that resembles granite. For high-volume, high-abuse washrooms and industrial applications, this washfountain offers an alternative to terrazzo or stainless-steel, and comes in 36- or 54-in. semicircular configurations. (Terreon Classic by Bradley) Circle 6

Pipe insulation is designed to stay dry in below-ambient-temperature applications where condensation can be a problem. This insulation uses a synthetic wicking material that removes condensed water from the system, keeping the fiber-glass insulation dry. (VaporWick by Owens Corning) Circle 12

Compact boiler-feed system is designed to fit through a 36-in. doorway, with the maximum model-height being 44 in. These systems come in simplex or duplex pump configurations and capacities from 20 to 80 boiler hp. (Bryan Steam LLC) Circle 16